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Liaoning visits museum
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Liaoning province museum is museum of famous large history art, its predecessor is the northeast museum that opened a shop on July 7, 1949, taste rich, characteristic in order to hide bright and be famous in global. Build a house 57 years to come, liaoning saved museum to start Chinese museum a certain number of “ the first ” , made outstanding contribution for the construction of Chinese museum facilities.

Liaoning saves nature science holding to taste gross to amount to 112 thousand, the history with unearthed relics of Liaoning area archaeology and be handed down from ancient times is artistic kind cultural relic gives priority to body, tibet tastes cent to be 17 kinds of cultural relic such as annals of bone of cultural relic of embroider of archaeology, painting and calligraphy, sculpture, pottery and porcelain, silk, dress, bronze ware, money, lacquer, cloisonne enamel, furniture, ancient biology, minority, armour, tablet, basically already formed dimensions to collect a system baronially, draw high-quality goods, Song Yuanming with Jin Tang Song Yuanshu especially among them porcelain of Dai Tao of bronze ware of hoard of period of week of jade article of culture of embroidery of clear a type of weaving done by the tapestry method in fine silks and gold thread, red hill, trader, distant, past dynasties. The painting and calligraphy of Liaoning province museum is collected in have important place domestic and internationally, book of person of advance of its middle east " demit of Cao E Lei " , it is the regular script one's writing or painting with existent the earliest life, have “ regular script of the first ” honour. 2 years the world Sun Wangfang with Wang Xi celebrates exceeding lofty or great of banzai of day of Tang Wu criterion into Wang that offer former mark of a signature is a copy for the record or for reproduction, by hand of book of great article house the hook fills " one of Wang Xi Men Shuhan " , of the Wang Xi that is existent world, Wangxian's calligraphy most reliable, hook writes the age in all copy most precise and penetrating person, can calls the authentic work below “ first-class ” , different is precious. Tang Ou in relief ask " post of establish of running hand dream " with " running hand 1000 words article " , occupy in ink marks of Ou be handed down from ancient times secondly, value is extraordinary. " cursive ancient poetry 4 post " those who be be handed down from ancient times of Zhang Xu of Tang Dynasty big calligrapher is exclusive a mad careless writing, for cursive by today the earliest in kind that grass evolves into to mad grass is paradigmatic. Zong Zhaoji of badge of Northen Song Dynasty " cursive 1000 words article " for its be handed down from ancient times cursive the only copy extant, be hidden with Shanghai museum " regular script 1000 words article " hand in photograph reflect, can weighs Shuang Bi. Tang Zhou 昉 " hairpin beautiful traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women pursues " can saying is reflect Tang Dynasty the be handed down from ancient times of realistic painterly style is gigantic make, richly elegance, for the presses down a house treasure of distant rich. The Eastern Jin dynasty of copy of person of Northen Song Dynasty considers Kai " ode of god of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces pursues " , for be handed down from ancient times the beautiful compose in all copy, have very fundamental value to studying the brushwork of period of the Eastern Jin dynasty is artistic. Stage of Xie Mao of Liaoning law library 7 distant grave comes up out of land " Shan Yihou pursues about " , " Zhu Qiao double hare pursues " , the times is clear, save in good condition, have rich minority brushwork color, to studying distant is acting the painterly art of Qidan a group of things with common features is having fundamental referenced value. Distant rich collects the work of painting and calligraphy of Qi Baishi of Great Master of Chinese modern art to amount to more than 400, in global with the amount much, subject matter is abounded, the times distributings balanced, fasten from adult celebrated, for the one big characteristic that distant rich painting and calligraphy collects. In holding archaeology kind cultural relic respect, unearthed relics of relics of relics of The Neo-lithic Age of ” of culture of red hill of “ of relics of ancient mankind of ” of hill of Taurus of battalion mouth “ , rising sun and ” of Shi Gong of stone tablet of “ of the Qin Han in peacefuling, the bronze ware of hoard trader week that with distant region of Xi Daling river is a center group reach the bronze creese that has distinguishing feature alone kind cultural relic; The Yan Fengsu before with distant this world Han Weibi draws hostage of grave, north nots grave of grave, sunny Sui Tang group the unearthed relics of the Han Wei that is a delegate, the Northern and Southern Dynasties and Sui Tang period; The mirrors nomadic production to live harness that with Fakuxie grave of luxuriant stage distant is a delegate, chinaware, bury is provided, sacred implement wait for kind of distant acting cultural relic, it is archaeology of history of distant rich holding kind the striking distinguishing feature of cultural relic.
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