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Shenyang flying aviation reads extensively field
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Shenyang flying aviation reads extensively garden advocate building

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First countrywide industry travels demonstrative dot CountryAAAAArea of stage travel scene Liaoning saves national defence to teach base Liaoning visits popular science base Shenyang flying aviation reads extensively is field what give priority to body with aviation popular science is large professional exhibit a house, cover an area of 25 thousand square metre, be located in the side of north of boreal hill park with pretty scenery, environment beautiful, communication is easy. The area is exhibited to set ministry of recreational square, service and plane to show a region outside, the floor area that exhibit a house 4600 square metre, cent is in for order office, annals male wind of towering, azure, gallop world of battlefield, trend, century is looked into wait for 7 to exhibit a house, handpick many 200 many 600 precious history picture, objective, course of development of fighter plane of our country of be in harmony and knowledge of aviation popular science at an organic whole, showed the content of the respect such as aviation knowledge and patriotism education, national defence education. Aviation reads extensively to see hint field Video make kind: World airlines flight is performed, system of plane eject lifesaving demonstrates, oil suffers to demonstrate in sky of machine getting oil, plane airframe is made demonstrate, what is actually happening of all sorts of plane flight target practice demonstrate. Popular science imitate kind: 1: Model of 2 concepts engine, imitate of experiment of complete machine static power demonstrates a system, eddy gush - 6 engine, imitate of high speed wind tunnel demonstrates a system, stereo storehouse imitate demonstrates automation, d-4 hovercraft imitate demonstrates. Model objective kind: Annihilate 6 before emitter of artillery piece of ship of structural member of alloy of sculpture of airframe, cockpit, wing, equal remaining part, composite material, character, ejection seat, titanium, aircraft, rocket, plane is all sorts of appearance, airborne equipment, a variety of 20 plane models. Level ground exhibits to display outside: The annihilate that Shenyang flying company produces 5 model 6 archetypal planes, annihilate teachs plane, annihilate 6 model plane, annihilate 6III plane, annihilate 7 model plane, annihilate 8 model plane, annihilate 8II plane, view and admire for tourist take a picture. Shen Fei aviation reads extensively to welcome sightseeing of all circles friend to visit field.
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