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Beauty spot of Shenyang chessboard hill
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Shenyang, it is one is had the internationalization of civilization history is metropolitan 7200, it is center of northeast region economy, culture, travel. It is one of has competition ability most when this age bound cities that U.N. affirms.

Here, archaic culture bequest is numerous, grave of ancient building, ancient bury has 1000 much place, each place has story of a paragraph of history, every — place is valuable travel resource. Have here be apart from today 7200 old new happy relics; City of emperor of the Qing Dynasty before having those who have delicacy to long for Manchu characteristic and accompany —— Shenyang the Imperial Palace; Fierce having hero, grand, show full Qing Dynasty He Yongling of hill of the hill — Fu Ling of the Chengjing of imposing manner of go on an expedition of valiantly of a few acting monarches, clear, ” of Zhang Shuai Fu and declare publicly later generations do not forget the “ that still has become famous China and foreign countries national humiliation, the 9 · of “ that vigilant history repeats … of exhibition of 18 ’ emergency…

Here the four seasons is trenchant, climate is delightful, the scenery is elegant. Brought up the magical landscape that manages another office. The developing zone of travel of scenery of chessboard hill international that is located in especially Shenyang, more flourishing be like bright and beautiful, the Shenyang city with bristly high-rise mounted a picture a landscape painting, her just like the bright phearl that a magnificent brights, enchase on fertile soil of river of Chinese northeast distant.

Developing zone of travel of scenery of chessboard hill international is the natural beauty spot with the biggest Shenyang, whole area plans to cover an area of a face to accumulate 203 square kilometer, area of area of its medium shot 142 square kilometer, area of deputy city the city zone 61 square kilometer, it is natural landscape forest gives priority to body, collect forest zoology travels. Travel of ice and snow, scene travel, go vacationing knowledge of athletics of card of chess of travel of travel, famous places and historical sites, be in harmony, popular science, trade shops, the travel resort that style recreation is an organic whole.

It east adjacent n, north receives Tie Ling, on the west, south for Shenyang city the city zone. Beauty spot communication is very easy, dong Ling has fast travel highway, Shen Tie, Mao Wang, Shenyang to stroke highway waiting for a person to arrive directly at scene area only to chessboard hill now, these highway and freeway of Shenyang outer shroud, Shenyang is big link of road of airport of celestial being of freeway, peach, formed convenience road network, already opened two to arrive from downtown the public traffic circuitry of beauty spot.

Chessboard hill is to grow arteries and veins of Bai Shan beyond, fluctuant chain of mountains is continuous a thousand li, be linked together closely with northeast famous mountains and great rivers. Zhen of here wood Zhen, landscape wants to connect. A lot of friend had not appreciated her happiness. The beautiful scenery marvellous spectacle that we hide this in boudoir person to was not known below shows in you before.
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