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Case of museum of wine of mouth of Shenyang old dragon
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One, general situation of museum of wine of mouth of old dragon of limited company of brewing of mouth of old dragon of Shenyang day river
Shenyang is located in distant river region mid, tian Zhushan is faced east, muddy Heibei bank. It is early before 7200, in side of today's boreal canal north, new Le Xianmin multiplies haunt here. Element has birthplace of “ in one day, the Shenyang of ” of palace of two acting monarches (friend name fills Beijing) make quiet acting capital, building, population goes in for sth in a large scale to be added suddenly after, handicraft industry and business grow quickly rise, become east of Shanhaiguan very quickly the first town of military importance, formed the center of commerce and politics.
According to historical data account, ” of mouth of “ old dragon is Shenyang existent one of the earliest nation industry. Only then build at the Christian era 1662, namely Qing Kangxi the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor, heretofore already had long history of 343 years. Because its are located in quiet at that time day to stay,fill Beijing dragon wall east mouth, friend calls “ Laolong buccal ” . There is Gu Jing inside the factory, ground Zhan Jiling, the department grows arteries and veins of Bai Shan beyond, ” of calling water of “ dragon pool, water quality is clear pleasant clear, appropriate at brew. Much tribute of place brew liquor gives imperial court and army, element has ” of wine of tribute of “ big Qing Dynasty say, circulate the recognition that “ flying wine cup ever roused ” of Eight Banners brave, it is light of Qing Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qianlong, Jia Qing, path wine of tribute of for use of an emperor of 12 Dong Xuncheng Beijing produces 5 emperor the ground.
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Museum of wine of old dragon mouth is located in Shenyang city big east Ou Zhulin road 1, it is Shenyang not only east the gate leads to the n, traffic thoroughfare of 4 smooth, Jilin, also be to lead to clear blessing hill, arboretum, 2006 of beauty spot of hill of world garden meeting, chessboard surely the road of classics, the tourist attraction sets a bus stop, communication is easy, situation is advantageous.
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