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Agricultural travel demonstrative dot -- garden of Shenyang happy grange
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Garden of Shenyang happy grange, repose at river of muddy of Shenyang city Dong Ling district on the west street village of full be in harmony 800. It is Shenyang city first in order to advocate green zoology, the agricultural production that regression gives priority to naturally sets an example, the countrywide agriculture travel that travel sightseeing, recreational recreation is an organic whole sets an example dot. Divide into 5 large area in all, southern fruit grape grows an area, special type vegetable cultivates area, lily garden area, bramble to grow an area western, mid go angling is recreational view and admire an area, area of peace and happiness of fitness of recreation of meal of the eastpart part and upper fowl breed an area. Outstanding reflect feed, live, travel, swim, buy, amusement 6 big characteristics. Agriculture of will modern high-tech sets an example and travel sightseeing union rises. Have stronger view and admire a gender, participate in sex of gender, amusement, interest. It is you rest moon is false, regression returns uncut jade naturally to put in good really place 's charge.

Structure of main body of dining-room of zoology of —— of happy grange garden uses high-tech intelligence hot house, in order to assure good pervious to light the effect, build atmosphere of zoology of nature of the first-rate inside dining-room, here you can view and admire garden inside and outside rare flowers. Renown actor is especially vegetable, experience soilless culture, stereo grow the magical change that waits for high-tech to bring. Introduced advanced intelligence environmental protection additionally central air conditioning, outside sunshade system, make sure wintry warm summer is cool, the four seasons if spring. Environment of standard guest room is elegant, comfortable and quiet, mix for business trip recreational go vacationing provide better environment. Large muti_function hall can hold 150-200 person, it is the ideal first selection of business affairs conference, literary gam. Deserve to have duck mouth inside hall of paddle of zoology of peace and happiness the bath such as bath, water bed bath, dawdle bath, vortical bath is planted, can contain 100 people paddle at the same time, all sorts of SPA make you flow to go there and back repeatedly. As Shen Cheng economy grows quickly, the spiritual civilization of people and corporeal civilization empty premise rise, ” of garden of “ happy grange also imposing manner is like rainbow. Sightseeing of a collect is accommodation of picked, recreational fitness, meal, natant paddle, vegetable afforest of kind of establish, gardens garden area already presented the large modes of life and relation to their environment that gives priority to a problem in people before, for Shen Cheng humanitarian travel adds new natural interest and landscape again.
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