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Iron area worker village lives on the west house
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1952, the demonstrative drive of life ” of the worker is improved on the base that increasing production according to “ of Chairman Mao Zedong, committee of Shenyang city people invests 12 million yuan of construction that began worker village residence. Form to 1957 cover an area of a face to accumulate 730 thousand square metre, floor area 5 buildings of 40 much square metre group, it is the worker residence with the earliest republic group. 2007 iron on the west area appoint, district government is successive industry culture, repair according to “ old as usual on the base that the culture of ” protects a principle to build a style formerly in reservation, restored to serve the historical former appearance of establishment and family partly, build house of worker village life. The old photograph that collects showpiece more than 200, objective more than 5000. Arrive from the builder of village of 50 time worker, factory director that shares the first electric machinery of new China to design 60 time intellectual; Welcome the resident of foreign guest from 70 time, model worker of the retired worker that the person do poineering work to 90 time constantly strive to become stronger, new century often is 36 legs of family of 80 time newly-married somewhat, whole nation, in house of worker village life, the refreshment of their former residence draw the outline of since half century life course of the worker mixes iron on the west contribution.

The home of model worker

The market of 70 time

7 are squeezed in the 14 hut of smooth rice, the smallest child can sleep in mural ark only.