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Cast museum
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This covers an area of 40 thousand square metre, main body builds seventeen thousand eight hundred square metre cast museum, cent sets industry to be able to be exhibited, culture acts art, industrial development reviews originality industry, iron on the west etc exhibit an area. More than 2000 former Shenyang exhibited to cast flow of the equipment of the factory and cast, 7 old foundry technology inside the house, with many objective, character, picture, emersion of ground of former juice raw ingredient cast former appearance of plant technology workshop, make this museum made iron on the west a the epitome of old industry base, industry text book that shows history of Shenyang and even Chinese industry development.

National leader still exhibited to inspect inside the house reach iron on the west picture of the first ” shows industry of 100 “ republic area, collected product of series of the car that different period produces iron on the west, machine tool hundreds, thereby figure showed base of northeast old industry intuitionisticly to cast course of study to develop course and iron the enormous contribution that goes up in republican industry phylogeny on the west.