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Steam locomotive is revealed Steam locomotive is revealed

The carriage kind that steam locomotive makes China old not only happened profound revolution, and the abasement history that witnessed old China to suffer colonialism ride roughshod over. It is not only in the war of liberation of balefire smoke of gunpowder and the hard years that fight beautiful aid government established meritorious service, the construction that also is new China and progress stand finished one's contributions in work.

Then, the first steam locomotive of China displays a house to be built in Shenyang, had moved iron at present on the west area. Already although “ retires,the brand-new steam locomotive house of extend is withholding 15 as before the steam locomotive that ” still is condensing deep history and connotation of culture of science and technology however, they stand on respective orbit quietly so, awaiting a batch of another batch people to listen to them to tell them story.