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Flat bread of Li Liangui bacon
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Flat bread of Li Liangui bacon, only then achieve 1842, open the earliest pear tree county is saved in Jilin, 1950, li Chunsheng of Li Liangui grandchildren accedes ancestor course of study, carrying one altar old soup on the back, go to change of flat bread of Li Liangui bacon Shenyang. Sauce flesh, flat bread and wine basically are managed in inn kind. Flat bread of Home Li bacon, when choosing pork, special before groove arrives between costal region not not fat, thin, fat thin alternate with brings fresh pork of the skin, add alkaline rinse to be washed clean with Wen Shui next, in putting clear water, immerse 6- - 10 hours, next dice is put into boiler to stew boil. Xia Qiu is seasonal, still add put fennel, in order to make sauce flesh more delicious flavour is thick, continuance at the same time Laoshang falls, the baked wheaten cake that use flourishing leaves to be stewed with Man of low baking temperature, wait for the fish out when fleshy piece is squashy, portion of drop only oil, air at fuming brown sugar is added in boiler fumigated and into. Flat bread joins flour to be counteracted with broth salt and condiment soft dough, wake face time is longer, roll piece wipe oil, repeat roll a few times, poker becomes cake. Its characteristic is bacon fat and not be bored with, thin and not bavin, fume sweet thick, sweet Ze Gong; Flat bread lubricious Huangqing is sweet, in soft outside short arrangement of ideas is much.