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Weever of Shenyang sweet decoct
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Material of   of weever of Shenyang sweet decoct: Weever, saline a few, ginger two. Practice: Buy a fresh weever in market above all, can call fishmonger to had killed the fish, but be being done in the home is an abdomen commonly, the difficulty that such decoct rise is not great; After coming home, wash the fish clean, wipe water and wipe equably with salt go up in piscine body, bloat again two hours left and right sides, ensure redundant moisture is cool dry. Unload oily boiler simmer in water namely finally, if use general boiler decoct weever to be able to put right amount oil to use fierce baked wheaten cake, enter weever put down gently boiler again, after using fierce anger fry in shallow oil 9 minutes, simmer in water of reoccupy slow fire can go up to golden color dish. In decoct weever when, must ensure piscine body does not have moisture, decide can very hot oil to splatter when leaving boiler otherwise; Decoct weever can use general boiler, also can use pan. Additional, oil is put when frying Niu He must right amount, cannot put too much, otherwise the river is fried meeting too be bored with.