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All of travel marriage banquet eats, golden week Shenyang eats enter 5 100 milli
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The golden week, “ eats ” is among them a main subject. What differ with in former years is, turnover of meal of 11 ” Shenyang adds “ this year sign is clear. The monitoring statistic to enterprise of 10 keys meal shows bureau of the trade that occupy town, 10 enterprises realize business income in all 2.78 million yuan, than last year the corresponding period grows 21.0% . Course of study of whole town meal does business during estimation festival income amounts to 500 million yuan, achieve the history top level.
Meal market is supplied enough
Bureau of the trade that occupy town introduces, equivalence of oil of relevant pork, grain, vegetable, aquatic product is supplied with meal during the festival case keeps basically smooth, variety is rich. Because each meal enterprise is structure of battalion of warping of attune of service Olympic Games during the Olympic Games, improve facilities facilities, improve service quality, for “ market of 11 ” festival offerred condition of good early days, characteristic of the economy after the Olympic Games is in “ gets be showinged adequately during 11 ” golden week.
Each meal enterprise is sold to expand, in ensure to price stability maintains below the premise that serves quality, value of property of the meal between holiday date maintains the level before the section basically, consumer gets material benefit, enterprise turnover achieves growth.
Meal consumes occurrence height
Because execute holiday system to reform this year, cancelled 51 ” of “ to grow a holiday, make consumptive demand of the dweller got adjourning releasing, formed shop, travel, reunite the height of repast, because meal consumes scale during this festival,increase. A lot of families choose to dine together to hotel restaurant, in boutique of high-grade hotel, gust is valued by most consumer. Be opposite according to commercial bureau the investigation of the famous cafeteria such as oasis of dumpling of Home Ma a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, old edge, city, the world spring, these cafeteria turnover rise considerably during the festival, relatively amplitude was in last year 20% the left and right sides. Old edge dumpling created day turnover 120 thousand yuan record.
Farmhouse is happy supply insecurity
Additional, as the growth of illicit home car, drive oneself outskirts swims one day continue to warm up, the tourist attraction such as temple fair of garden of rich of chessboard hill, world, strange slope, east of Shanhaiguan attracted large quantities of this locality and Shen Cheng circumjacent city tourist, make client of cafeteria of tourist attraction periphery is filled with the door, tourist of ground of its China and foreign countries increases apparently than last year, repast of “ farmhouse happy ” is shown slightly supply insecurity.
Marriage banquet consumption is added situation do not decrease
Annual the busy month that 11 ” of “ are new personality marriage, and this year is flourishing is added on flourishing, whole town holds near 10 thousand bridal pairs during, each are big the hotel is decided early by marriage banquet full, come from September 28 on October 5, the guesthouse that recieves marriage banquet conditionally and restaurant are occupied by marriage banquet almost full, only with respect to implementation meal industry income exceeds 200 million yuan this one.
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