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Shenyang recreation introduces
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Tourists are bury of location of the ancient relics of amuse oneself good Shenyang, ancient city, barrow, ancient after wall of building, beacon tower, side and historical memento, revolution memento. Can arrive have modernistic public place of entertainment to go recreation is loosened. Public place of entertainment recommends: Shenyang fills club of Beijing international golf, in the hundred years pine forest that is located in the eastpart part of park of Shenyang Dong Ling, it is the Shenyang city's only silvan golf field that accords with international standard. Shenyang has Shenyang of current Asia's biggest —— of field of indoor racing bicycle field of indoor racing bicycle, stimulate already to like the friend that cycle racing moves to offer safe cycle racing activity. Xia Gong has project of the recreation on very absorbing water not only, and whole structure design is very unique, imposing manner extensive grand, it is the Asia's at present oldest whole sealing formula Eden of indoor play water. The center of sports of card of Shenyang international chess of chessboard Shan Beilu, the function is all ready, establishment is advanced, ceng Yu undertook 2000 chess world cup is surpassed. The tradition recommends: The winter of Shenyang city also is very attractive, here can run red-letter day of ice and snow every year, and go up in section of ice and snow, can have more interesting and participate in the recreational project with very strong sex. In last few years the ” of “ a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of fashionable whole nation, northeast yangko reachs the coconut oil of traditional entertainment item of Shenyang city the place of Shenyang city is literary program show.