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Taiyuan street
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Day Russia war, with Japan the victory ends, this is a war in battle of the Three Kingdoms, its purpose is the northeast of plunder China namely. At the beginning of 1905, japanese occupational Shenyang, change railroad of former Russia “ to add apanage ” (in today the tower is taken on the west) for “ full iron accessary ground ” . 1910, ” of Feng Tianyi of “ of build of ” of “ full iron (namely today the rudiment that Shenyang stands) . After “ of ” Feng Tianyi builds, “ of ” full iron quickens its ” to add market of apanage “ new city to plan. Alleged new city market, it is with ” Feng Tianyi ” is a center, eastwards open up 3 artery, namely today's China road, Zhongshan road, democratic road, china road and “ of ” Feng Tianyi are perpendicular, the others two inclined to radiative. There is the main street that north and south moves toward before the station, win today namely ave, build with triumphal ave equality have ten streets way, main road has today Nanjing street and peaceful ave. Today before Taiyuan street is standing to the south of, Nanjing street with on the west, be among them the business street that a north and south moves toward, former coronal name ” of ” Chun Riding.
Passed the historical vicissitudes of life of nearly hundred years, the ” of shopping centre of “ Taiyuan street nowadays basically shows with street of China road, Taiyuan, Zhongshan the road is main frame, form the mart with Shenyang modernization strong breath.
Taiyuan business street is the flourishing shopping centre that is located in Shenyang downtown region, give priority to body with large and integrated department store, it is complement with professional shop, it is periphery with fairground, it is volume business, drink is taken, the muti_function commercial community that culture recreation is an organic whole. There is Qiu Lin company on Zhongshan road, there is edifice of commerce of resurgence —— Shenyang, Shenyang on Taiyuan street restaurant of ministry of service of arts and crafts of building of gust of inn of inn of gold of China of a gathering of things or people, northeast drug-store, old bright and horological glasses, Shenyang, Shenyang, trade; There is …… of general merchandise of new world big public house, new world, affiliated company on China road

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