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Shenyang candy is drawn
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Candy picture, call candy the shadow again. Just as its name implies, be undertake drawing with candy for material. It also candy also is drawn, considerable can feed. Although the history that the Fuzhou candy that make draws is not long, but get however of common people love.

This year the ace that virgin forest of 43 years old is picture of the candy that make. He is engaged in this group having 20 old, sell in the picture of each big park candy that make of Fuzhou all the year round. Introduce according to him, candy draws traceable Sichuan from tribute area, be apart from already had 200 old histories today. Yesterday morning, he revealed the craft that the candy that make draws to the reporter in Taurus hill park.

The tool that the virgin forest candy that make draws has one spoon to be shovelled only, raw material is red, white sugar adds a few maltose. He puts these candy stuff on kerosene furnace to be boiled with slow fire make, it is OK to be boiled when pulling silk, it is a pen with radius sleeker, make Chinese ink with sugar juice, having besmearinging together on the scale on the white marble flag of peanut oil all sorts of modelling.

After candy has been boiled, virgin forest removes dissolved syrup with dip of small radius sleeker, rapid on flag ground makes a round trip mould, draw gives model. This is very a link of the kongfu on hand of actor of test candy picture. After because candy expects classics small fire adds Wen Rong,be being changed, once refrigeration is caky, so requirement candy draws actor to want an eye to also arrive in one's hand, get sth done without any letup of in an attempt to.

See wrist of carry of virgin forest wirh fixed attention only, tremble on bright and clean Dali flag, carry, , put, close, speed, on any account, wave as continuously candy silk, a Jin Long that turns over the cloud to roll mist with respect to the ” on stone of “ appear vividly, your person strikes the table and shout bravo.

After modelling is finished, virgin forest immediately scoops candy picture with small moldboard, stick on bamboo autograph. After waiting for candy to condense completely, considerable the elegant sugar that can eat is drawn but hold grasp in the hand.

When virgin forest makes candy draw, the ground surrounded the curiosity of a lot of tourists inside the park to come up. Surround the person that watch not only have child child, also have old person and young person, doubing sound enrages everybody, staring at virgin forest to brandishing casting of flying gourd ladle of address both hands is drawn. Not disappear is a short while, virgin forest does good candy picture to be contended for to grab one sky by tourists.

The subject matter that candy draws has the content such as beautiful fruit, fowl, beasts, character. Among them, blame the modelling with the animal is most interesting. As a result of the fluidity that candy expects, even if same figure, also won't appear similar model. Virgin forest says, civilian actor is met according to different formative characteristic, in the line with the full, well-balanced inflict in making, form particular style type thereby.
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