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Shenyang buys owner to want shopping centre
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◆ is main the street in   of shopping centre ◆ : It is the shopping centre with Shenyang long history, what grow in kilometre is street two side have unit of entertainment of commerce, food, culture more than 100, it is travel of market trade, meal, recreation, recreational, sightseeing the business street at an organic whole. Two class government invested Shenyang city and Shenyang river area 1997 10 thousand yuan of thousands of RMBs, the street in be opposite undertakes be transforminged integratedly, install new-style street lamp, green grass is planted in street heart, setting fountain, sculpture, beautiful scenery beautiful thing all stops eye ground by day; Night, colorfully decorated lantern is put together, hand in photograph reflect, too many beautiful things. Have square of East Asia commerce, shenyang commerce city, northward commerce edifice, extensive inferior mansion of business mansion, Jin Lilai business, Shenyang the commercial company such as store of the 200th goods. Taiyuan street: It is a busy business street. There is resurgence around - arts and crafts of company of affiliated company of bazaar of Shenyang commerce edifice, peace, Shenyang, Qiu Lin, Shenyang serves bookshop of science and technology of ministry, Shenyang, Xin Huashu bookshop of inn, foreign language. 1997, around its build Shenyang spring- - recreational square. Tall, medium, cheap dress, here have everything that one expects to find, and can argy-bargy.