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The northeast ginseng of northeast travel special local product
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Ginseng of northeast hill of northeast ginseng   is did not manage through helping advance somebody's career artificially, growing oneself habitat in remote is a few years. About a hundred years, ability a hunderd li is put of one extremely curiosa. It is nature middleman and guarantor maintains hypostasis former appearance, drew the essence of heaven and earth, the classy green cordial that pollutes without chemical pesticide and dirty air foul water. The active ingredient that hill joins: Twinkling asks go Hui joins Zheng  small house to emerge again exhausted  twinkling asks  of chaste tree of a bitter edible plant of  of Cheng of Deng  A Ti to  raiseds paths between fields one's remaining years of た gauze?000. Modern medicine proves, the active ingredient humanness of ginseng joins black glucoside, contain a lot ofall sorts of adipose, saccharide, amino acid and the nutrient composition such as a variety of vitamins, it is nourishing not only the fine medicine of powerful body, and of disease, stomach and hepatic disease, diabetic to treating a heart and vessels, different type neurasthenic wait to all have curative effect. Our country and public figure of group of other country medicine prevent the cancer, research that fights the side such as consenescence and application to also get better result in ginseng. Prevent cancer to control the content of organic lay aside of hindering prolong life especially, house whole world is officinal first of the plant. Filling this world of method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood. Strong personally be good at body. Strong heart originallies this. Calm the nerves beneficial wisdom, air look raises an appearance, big filling vigour, fight consenescence, prolong life.