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N passion red river valley swims one day adrift
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N passion red river valley swims one day adrift groovy line 175 yuan / person
“ is northward the first bleach float of ” red river valley, the red river valley that experiences alarmingly dangerous is exciting is seaborne! ! Red river gorge is located in Liaoning to save the eastpart part adrift a mountainous area, n town is quiet churchyard of autonomous county of former Manchu city. The department grows arteries and veins of Bai Shan beyond, classics river water is old cut and formation U word gorge, element has ” northeast small of 3 gorge ” say. Heavy full figure of water of cereal inland river is clear, shed crisscross to form by 20 many urgent delay, average depth of water is controlled one meter, jing is not had danger, it is most good river place. Float of red river gorge is full-length 12.8 kilometers, use high strenth is seaborne like skin raft, every balsa differs by 4-8 person, 2 people open an oar, drift time is controlled in 3.5—4 hour about normally. Because of outflank of red river gorge alternate swings, so current has delay urgent, calm lake surface is like when delay, need delimits the oar goes before ability is OK, urgent when fall has nearly 1 meter, rubber raft is met to pitch, make tourist whole body gently drenched, can let a person fall into water again, among them gout is various.

Early 5: 00 in Liaoning of square of Shenyang city seat of government the gather before great theater door sends a car, head for n Qing Dynasty former red river valley is seaborne, seaborne formalities and preparative work are handled after arriving, the seaborne activity that enters alarmingly dangerous stimulation (hit water to battle) , with the time of 3-3.5 hour, the home of Shenyang warmth is returned after changing clothes, the journey ends after be being arrived at late.

Serve standard and charge specification
Recieve a standard: Go back and forth between expenses of old liaison man, tourist attraction the first entrance ticket, danger of travel agent responsibility, the tourist guide serves. Quote did not contain: The guest attends of one's own accord at one's own expenses project and personal spending, person accident insurance.

1. my social security leaves pair of above journey order and time to have upgoing right, but the tourist attraction is changeless. 2. The fee that if treat force majeure element or national policy,adjusts a generation provides for oneself by the guest. Clew: Respectable tourist reachs an increase for your safety, ask you to defend injury insurance of travel person accident actively (5 yuan / person) . 5-10 month sends round circuitry to offer every day: A travel agent books Shenyang phone 024 -82899100 024-82899200 024-22741108