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3 farming read extensively garden swims one day
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3 farming read extensively garden swims one day groovy line 89 yuan / person
Brief introduction Shenyang 3 farming read extensively to repose at Liaoning field the province is new civilian city big Liu Tun presses down the south, be apart from new civilian the urban district 15 kilometers, be apart from Shenyang urban district 75 kilometers, traffic is convenient, drive car comes namely, geographical area advantageous, zoology harmony. Shenyang 3 farming reading extensively is field with “ 3 farming ” this main body, it is the soul with culture, humanitarian landscape and the travel division that natural landscape photograph combines, it is demonstrative dot of countrywide agriculture travel, area of scene of AA stage travel, pass attestation of international standard science and technology, environmental protection formally. Liaoning province government names for area of contemporary agriculture garden, shenyang city middle and primary school gives birth to agriculture to carry out base, be known as collect a center, exhibit center, education center, zoology landscape and exhibit a house in all the north of a place of strategic importance of flourish the first garden.

Set out in the morning, go to by the car 3 farming read extensively field. Visit art of educated youth house, food crops nearly 24 exhibition such as garden of building of house, civilian paper-cut house, anise, the quintessence of a country. Plantation of science and technology (pluck with one's own hands fresh vegetable, fruit, charge provides for oneself) , return the home of Shenyang warmth. The end is happy itinerary!

Serve standard and charge specification
Recieve a standard: Go back and forth between expenses of old liaison man, tourist attraction the first entrance ticket, danger of travel agent responsibility, the tourist guide serves quote to did not contain: The guest attends of one's own accord at one's own expenses project and personal spending, person accident insurance.

1. my social security leaves pair of above journey order and time to have upgoing right, but the tourist attraction is changeless. 2. The fee that if treat force majeure element or national policy,adjusts a generation provides for oneself by the guest. Friendship clew: Respectable tourist reachs an increase to ensure your safety, ask you to defend injury insurance of travel person accident actively (5 yuan / person) . Holiday sends a group every day, weekly at ordinary times 6 days of circuitry that send a group offer: A travel agent books a phone: 024-82899100 024-82899200 024-22741108