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Channel glacial valley Bu Yunshan hot spring swims 2 days
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Channel glacial valley Bu Yunshan hot spring swims 2 days groovy line 275 yuan / person
Travel glacial valley goes vacationing the area is located in distant east the end austral the peninsula, be located in the churchyard of city of Dalian village river with coastal Yellow Sea, circumference 110 square kilometer, the river that spur a bank 40 kilometers, Dalian 160 kilometers, red east wall of 140 kilometers, sea 150 kilometers, Shenyang 300 kilometers, communication is easy. Landforms of its peculiar cliff of dissolve of peculiar and grand holiday makes it is by beautiful assist ” of northward “ small Guilin, what Na Shilin says already here is peculiar, what have Guilin water from a mountain again is forceful, contain in extraordinary comely, straightforward and magnificent in contain has charm, great variety gives quietly elegant fully in Chinese ink again, appear grave in pure and fresh bold and unconstrained. The hill of channel glacial valley has northward mountain ridge already the imposing manner of straightforward bold and unconstrained, have the charm with elegant exquisite of austral ridges and peaks again. Beauty spot of channel glacial valley is formed by river valley of Long Huashan, small valley and flower accept river valley, the nature such as hole of hill of Qiao Feng having the cloud, beautiful fruit, Shuang Longjiang, celestial being is humanitarian landscape 400 much place among them the celestial being hole of half way up the mountain of the famousest Longhua wanting number, there is Buddha inside the hole two cloister, every day cigarette winds around, get a name so, someone says, this hole connects hill of Xiang Dandong skullcap all the time. This more the mysterious feeling that aroused people to put valley elfland ” on the ice to “ . River of circuitous of flower accept river, small valley river answers meantime, running water all the year round not exhaust, water quality pleasant is mellow. Shadow of smooth Lin of gorge of flower accept lake, if the poem is picturesque, swing a boat on its, relaxed and happy making a person, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. Channel glacial valley does not have Shanbumei, anhydrous is not beautiful. The forest inside scene area is enclothed rate occupy 90% above, it is groove guard of national level nature and park of national level forest. Virgin forest spreads all over Yu Qunshan in, block day my day, depressed grey. It is a natural big arboretum, there is an animal here about a hundred kinds, on the plant 1000 kinds, can says “ is natural move plant kingdom ” . The glamour that puts valley on the ice is not decreased all the year round, because,be it all the year round beautiful scenery has distinguishing feature each each are not identical! The temperature that summer puts valley channel on the ice is particularly cool, it is the good land that be away for the summer holidays. The autumn is the season with the most beautiful channel glacial valley, wave dance is worn multicolored and the chain of mountains of red autumnal leaves, colorful. The season with the grandest channel glacial valley is winter, stone forest resembles the whiteness like jade, strange peak resembles eye of crystal and same boast, spring coagulated to put shade on the ice, mountain of eyeful iceberg snow. History of hot spring of pace cloud hill is long, resourceful, it is Liaoning visits one of best hot spring. Be located in south distant the first peak -- zoology of hot spring of hill of cloud of pace of the Dalian below Bu Yunshan spends false area, show 7 to already built hot spring water supply to stand, highest water is warm for 61 ℃ . Via expert appraisal, belong to low mineralization to spend, sodium carbonate water, alkalescent. 26 kinds are contained to be opposite in water human body beneficial microelement, denominate is ” of hot water of mineral spring of medical treatment of the low temperature in “ . Here has the healthy project such as bath, physiotherapy, health care, sauna, here can make you sufficient enjoy recreational time and healthy life, let us undertake health after all together!
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