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Big green channel swims 2 days
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Big green channel swims 2 days groovy line 175 yuan / person
Big green channel is called in Mengyu ” of “ strong Hu Le, it is groove guard of Inner Mongolia's famous nature of precious broad Xie Lin. It is located in Gan Qi to block town southwest 25 kilometers place, it is the green clough that a north and south moves toward. In prairie of extensive ooze of Er of Inner Mongolia division western sanded sea mile, one is as long as the desert big channel of 24 kilometer, the channel on channel issues arboreous luxuriantly green, the flower blooms; Ten million of the place end channel gurgle spring collects to grow long brook, clear and transparent. The two sides of channel cultivates brushwood to be born, evergreen and hardwood are concomitant, arbor and bush are impure, the flower in green and green careless alternate with, brook and bright sand depend on each other. This is weighed namely for Keerqinsha the big desert marvellous spectacle of ground green bright phearl - - groove guard of nature of level of state of big green channel. Card of Gan Ji of seat of the banner after left wing of division Er ooze is apart from here presses down 25 kilometer. Magical to this big channel is formed, opinions vary, some saying is 500 thousand years ago, because the lithosphere is transitional, those who appear rupture belt, formed this channel; Some saying that here is archaic riverbed; Return as a result of some saying all the year round soil erosion, of generation erode channel. According to a Lin Tu the expert is told, long Bai Shan is probably here the bequeath of primitive vegetation, whole distant north, distant on the west primitive vegetation, suffer destroy, only big green channel can be saved come down, this is very god-given. This channel is having special science to study value. Big green channel grows long huge body halcyon like, enchase in this boundless and indistinct sanded sea. This channel is 200 meters wide - - 300 meters, deep nearly 100 meters, fall by meandering of boreal Xiang Na. Inside channel, green jade Shui Qingxiu, scenery is grand. Have the imposing manner of virgin forest already, have the much appearance of arboretum again. The plant that already found out only has 700 a variety of, among them tree has tree of northeast china ash, yellow pineapple, violet linden, Chinese toon, 5 part maple, Mongolia oak 122 kinds; The plant that can be used as medicine has the rhizome of cyrtomium, the tuber of elevated gastrodia, the root of fangfeng to wait for 261 kinds. Here only beasts and birds kind like fox, gold ( bird) bird of Dong of head of bird, Hei Zhenhuang Li, palm amount to 38 kinds; The insect has Yan of Wu Fengdie, black Qing to wait for 132 kinds; Fungus has Ma Bo to wait for 15 kinds. People calls here the zoo with natural since, it is natural arboretum. For this pair of people that get science, it is a very good natural laboratory. It attracted countless botanist, zoologist, pedologist, rocksy and biologist Mu Mingqian to come here to make an on-the-spot investigation. Here, ascend that high Liao watchtower look as far as one can when you far look or amount to Mei Lin alley to roam through ethical hero in the forest, or take canoe to ripple over Yu Bibo, or whip of the raise that jump a horse, or drive on Ming Tuo runs between moor, or surround before goddess of chrysanthemum Li Ma is statuary fine listen to a tourist guide when the young lady is relating fairy tale, all without exception makes the person experiences the happiness that brings the world to nature, appreciate the verve with big green peculiar channel. The climate of big green channel is very delightful, the travel that is one place ideal, be away for the summer holidays, the disappear idle, resort that go vacationing.
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