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Benxi water hole swims one day
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Benxi water hole swims one day groovy line 190 yuan / person
Scenery of Benxi water hole scenic spot area, be located in Liaoning to visit Benxi town, by channel of temple of water hole, hot spring, soup, close section of 6 old scene becomes the hill after Buddhist templeput on the brakes of hill, iron, temple, edge prince lake is shown banding distributing, gross area 42.2 square kilometer. Water hole area 36 thousand square metre, full-length 2300 meters, in Benxi city northeast 35 kilometers are in. Scenery scenic spot the area gives priority to body with Benxi water hole, relics of culture of hill of be in harmony, water, hole, spring, lake, ancient mankind at an organic whole. Water hole is the large lime cliff that millions forms before New Year cave full water, inside the hole abstruse and broad, it is the longest cave full water that already discovered on the world, develop subterranean underground river to grow 3000 meters now, flow throughout the year not exhaust, clear see an end, mouth of a cave shows half moon, entering mouth of a cave is a hall, can hold 1000 people, there is a 300 meters long drought hole on the right side of the hall, discretion of hole government office is strewn at random, there is a hole in the hole, each have hole day, hole top and rock wall stalactite are much growth of edge cranny group, present elephant of various other people, do not add long authentic, become an interest naturally, elfland of Wan Relong palace. Left to be in " harbour " , lamplight place and, the content in the hole is resembled, hang by the feet one by one in water, gong Jingge fining jade, very good-looking. Drought hole already built house of a large ancient biology now. Hall front has the water of 1000 much square metre, have port city but at the same time anchor yacht 40, go boating to be able to have a good swim water hole, the beauty of the deep, flying waterfall of hole of the length of the hole of big, water that admires water hole, water, next, you must exclaim: "Myriad of scene of bell breast strange peak, between picture of poem of water of canoe green jade, zhong Xiu answer only celestial being bound has, the world alone " of day of this one hole. Its subterranean underground river is 3000 meters long, flow throughout the year not exhaust, clear see an end, hole top and growth of rock wall stalactite are better, 1000 appearance 100 condition, go boating visit, make stream of people forgets to return repeatedly.

Early excellent car sets out, the happy rate of Benxi water hole began! Tourist guide young lady solves respecting to everybody, benxi water hole is the longest underground on the world fills water cave, it is the view that the whole nation adopts attestation of IS9002 quality system the first times scenic spot area, full-length 5.6 kilometre. The first program that reachs destination is skin raft float, water of play prince river. Sit on skin raft, listen attentively to wood pulp to move the clang of the water that use a river, look up at a sky, big big cloud cluster is handed in folding the sky that held big, configuration myriad, drift is continuous, what show between Yun Duo is azure appear even more abstruse, whole canopy resembles the sea with surging wave. Look around two sides, group Shan Mianmian, gloomy cultivates green, eye shot is very open. The jade belt with this wave crystalline light below green hill foot is the prince river that our play swims, prince river water is very clear, see the pebble of river bottom; Extend at hand, satisfied cool and refreshing spread everywhere to the whole body; Flow is rapidder, our skin raft from time to time is rushed to bestrew the decharge of block, from time to time by be involved in in the center of rapid wadi, from time to time two boats barge against, bow contrary to reason or one's expectation, scatter all the way issued never-failing cry in fear and mirth, in full saw green hill green water, the natural beauty of lakes and mountains while, experienced the soul-stirring with boundless aftertaste again, true it may be said is “ northeast the first bleach ” . Crocodilian garden is after toing disembark, I sit on crocodilian body, feel it to do the body like bark, patted domestic the photograph that the heroic bearing of this cold-blooded animal ofs material bearing. Rise as the noise of musical sound, notable Thai bewitching performance began, at first, I am deep also by their day person like coquettish attract with place of lithe and graceful singing and dancing, but when me casual see they are beautiful when the won't disappear forever Adam's apple below face, in the heart unavoidable give birth to a Bei cool with pity. I deliver the view those crocodile that fall to their foot again, the mouth with the long length that the long advantage that sees it is plunged into to rise by steel wire band ages, see it does not know an eye that what reason drops foolishly, see its forelimb drips the bloodstain that go out, I cannot bear really the heart applauses acclaimed. Gave crocodilian garden, we take storage battery car to head for water hole. The ” of hole of “ Benxi water that engraving Bao Yibo inscribe on the hill wall of lofty the big character with 4 gules strong powerful, the entrance below resembles a piece of stretched big mouth, 20 meters tall, 28 meters wide, sit north of the Southern Dynasties. Walk into this ask for a favor to be just like walked into pass through the time channel of hundreds all ages, before hundreds of all ages, group of hill here once was a boundless, because the crustal is transitional, sea floor breaks up to change make a high mountain, water hole is in those day the large cave full water that landform of good luck coincidence becomes, water of the cent inside the hole, drought two parts. Drought hole is shorter developed 300 meters only, the model of imitate ancient biologic that puts inside the hole and sinuate hole cliff are cooperating faint light, make the person ases if true place oneself at remote antiquity period, heard dinosaurian wail. Most grand is water hole, that is the longest can see by row underground on the world underground river, full-length 5800 meters, developed 2800 meters now, the area is 36 thousand square metre, cubage is 360 thousand stere. The openest point is 38 meters high, 50 meters wide, 80 meters long. The water of water hole is the hill wall from cave end comes with subterranean seep spew, collect growing river, slowly outflow, all the year round not the constant temperature inside exhaust; hole, the four seasons 12 Celsius, annual can be visited by ship. We are wearing eider down to take take houseboat to sail in entering a hole, feel to gentle breeze is taking hydrosphere blow on the face and come only, water of the river in the hole is unusually clear, fall in neon lamp only but see river end. Growth of stalactite of the of all kinds in the hole is good, be like the Yu Zhu that prop up a day greatly, the small hammer that be like silver hangs a needle, and appearance each different, associate with oneself, authentic mouth names: Have seal play bead, have avalokitesvara hall, have macaque island, hopeful return. Among them most famous have inclined tower, it is crooked grow to go up in rock wall edge, will fall and do not fall, banking angle is spent have 45 degrees, the more inclined than scattering tower that compares Italy is even inclined; Still jade resembles paddle, this is the stalactite of a white, no matter angle looks to seem a gigantic elephant from which, stand in water, will long bazoo inserts spring, thirsty drink is more than; Give me impression the deepest is bell of gold of ancient Buddhist templeput on the brakes, this place landscape is support by the hole perpendicular a when grow tremendous Shi Sun and the bamboo shoot of a Xiaoshi that grow to go up in rock of form of a tower end the hole form relatively, two Shi Sun go up, give tit for tat, it is yellow fraction color, stay among have centimeter clearance, according to expert speculation, still need two to cross this on 100 years again reticent and opposite the stalagmitic ability of hundreds all ages can join out and out on, the people after such marvellous spectacle has only probably can big feast one's eyes on. Whole in visitting road, there often is fontal water to fall on cliff, fabulous this is god-given blessing water, drip not to give birth to China hair on the hair, drip to always be stationed in in the Zhu Yan on the face. In whole hole mixed, wonderful and grand stalactite, with moire Qing Dynasty, sinuate aqueduct is in of rainbow of of all kinds glaring below, be like day of blessing a hole in the ground, go boating like the Milky Way again, your popular feeling swings a god gallop, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave, must what nature of gasp in admiration thes Creator is magical. Taking click of the tongue gasp in admiration, we do not abandon walk out of water hole, enter garden of zoology of jade Beijing hill, this natural oxygen brought to us again another fancy, in mountain forest, pick up rank and on, hear lark joyous song, admire hill red autumnal leaves, listen to billow of the soughing of the wind in the pines, enjoy distinctive halcyon with open interest. Jade Beijing foot of a hill issues a blue waves, degree of lip-rounding of water hole sluicing becomes a string of cabinet argent fall, a pavilion or house on a terrace of booth stage a small room on the hillside, the flower of the igneous red with the bowl big mouth that blooms on the meadow, the trout that water wave middle reaches will come to to swim, greatly small strange stone goes up by the side of spring, this hill, this water, this day, it is an immortal ground simply. Be intoxicated a storage battery car take us to tourist center again. The artificial structure that tourist center is whole travel area group, its cent is mixed for main hall slant hall. Slant the museum that hall is area of water hole travel, a few hangover that a few primitive scene that it saved water hole area and aboriginal had used are like bowl of contented earthen bowl, contented to wait. Main hall cent is two parts, one part is complete family hall for worshipping Buddha, cling to li dancing girl, western the few points exhibition hall such as bull-puncher, marine world and heaven and hell; Another part is house of tomb figure of military forces of the Qin Dynasty. In complete family hall for worshipping Buddha, burning incense winds around, majestic and divine, I particularly pilgrimage Wen Shu Bodhisattva, hope she blesses me to be in this year one's deceased father in grinding can Jin Bang autograph. A is fat did obeisance to avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, bless us at every turn is successful, the heart thinks the thing is become. Cling to li dancing girl, western bull-puncher, marine world, heaven and hell are goods of a few copy, fine fine look, dull insipidity. More interesting still is military forces tomb figure, various contented make lifelike of soldier, general, steed, let a person as if the ancient battlefield that place oneself diffuses at smoke of gunpowder of period of age the Warring States, appreciate height to be close to two meters only then the emperor is in direct 1000 army the boldness of vision of the sort of imbued with a spirit that can conquer mountains and rivers when 10 thousand horses, extremely conceited. Gave tourist center, already was afternoon at 3 o'clock, , tourist guide young lady assembles the car that everybody takes to return Shenyang. Sit on the car that gallop, looking at group of beautiful and beautiful hill outside the window, recalling good experience of a day slowly, I feel him positive-appearing image awakes from inside a fond dream, in taking a reality afresh.
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