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1000 hill swim one day
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1000 hill swim one day groovy 110 yuan / person
1000 hill are located in Liaoning to save southeast of saddle hill city 17 kilometers place, gross area 125 square kilometer. With high and steep of peak show, stone, cereal tall, Song Ji, flower fills deep and remote, temple and famed, be known as ” of “ northeast bright phearl and “ distant east ” of the first hill is pushed for distant east scenic spot head. Be travelled 3 years to forecast statistical range for holiday of ” of countrywide “ golden week by accept, rising for national forest park. 1000 hill all the year round scenery each different. Pear spends spring heavy hill of cereal, summer folds emerald green, autumn to overflow hill red autumnal leaves, winter silver-coated, attracting countless tourist to come here sightseeing.

In the morning 5: 00 everybody assemble set out go to northeast a 1000 hill of —— of 3 names hill. Laugh in joyous sound in language, arrived insensibly destination. What everybody issued a car to greet our eye above all is “ 1000 hill ” two big character, clang advantageous, brandish is aspersed fluent, can't help letting me associate to the character and morals of hill. We according to indicator card (day of sky of —— of shrine of money of —— of 1000 hill front door (place flat rock) —— of pool of free captive animals of —— of temple of Zu Yue of —— of —— boundless view watchs —— of world of language of bird of —— of stage of celestial being of —— of temple of —— big Buddha ripely 5 Buddha support) . Every reach one point, we can be viewed and admire carefully, go experiencing attentively. Each word of engrave of stone, tablet the trace of keep history, each department view gives the flavor of current period fully again, natural landscape and humanitarian landscape are perfect be united in wedlock. There are a lot of report motor-cars to be able to be taken in the graph, but I and roommate chose to want to walk, because this also is a kind of test to us, we see a lot of people did not go much further to abandon walking, such climbing perhaps lost a sense! ! Actually the life is like climb, want to have perseverance and resolution, the life also can have a lot of setbacks, but want adamancy, advance despite difficulties to just can succeed. We talk cheerfully and humourously all the way, see favorite prospect is met each other takes a picture to the other side accept as a souvenir, too tired without the feeling. Lunch is he is solved of course midday, we also in a way rested a little while, it is complement force of one private parts, after physical strength restores, the footstep of the travel before we were accelerated, the person that looks at a batch by us left behind, very successful really feeling! ! We ascend top part —— eventually 5 Buddha support, all sceneries all stop eye ground, experience can be become to that “ approach is zenithal, small ” of general view numerous hill. In these tourist attractions, place flat rock among them very interesting, very perky also. No matter you are how fat person, from can go among this stone, but the space between this looks very small really. (this arrives is to be able to comfort those fat fat gens, be still very slender? Breathe out ah) situation of hill of 5 Buddha top is arduous, cliff pine is vigrous. There is 5 here honour figure of Buddha, they face towards respectively southeast northwest is medium and sit, also get a name because of this. 5 honour face of figure of Buddha brings a smile, manner is peaceful and gentle, a kind of aloof attitude makes a person yearning with admire. Contemporary social confused is miscellaneous, popular feeling is blundering, if can have a kind of such state of mind, wait for a person to play, the person's can living perhaps more relaxed He Xiao is aspersed. Interesting place is more than of course these, each place is very actually beautiful, should have an eye for only beautiful, the United States can be in everywhere. We began more at 12 o'clock downhill, although be,return according to former road, but coming back is with rambling small shop is given priority to, we also picked a few things that we like, with this accept as a souvenir. What time passes is very fast, returned hill to fall 2:30 (because will return Shenyang at 3 o'clock according to travel timeline) . On board, everybody is results is full, I open car window, hold the post of gentle breeze to swaying a face, look at the setting sun fall on the west, of the twilight Gong Gong of the setting sun, warm warm, can'ted help having some of tired idea. “ thanks everybody cooperate, we arrived at Shenyang, the brigade of 1000 hill ends ” tourist guide satisfactorily to saying, imperceptible the home that we returned warmth.
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