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Phoenix hill swims one day
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Phoenix hill swims one day groovy 119 yuan / person
Chun Shan spits emerald green cuckoo red, xia Shangyun sea listens waterfall sound, autumn wind is caught get the better of samite, wintry snow puts pine of approach attack by surprise on the ice. Fan Tian issues famous mountains and great rivers, each have its characteristic, and what phoenix hill allows a father-in-law is grand; Of Mount Hua arduous; Of cottage hill peaceful; Of Huang Shan peculiar; Of delicate eyebrows elegant at an organic whole. Phoenix hill is attracting all directions with the lofty mountains of its hero danger natural landscape guest, it reachs rurality of historical culture historic site, frontier fortress be in harmony of folk-custom amorous feelings at an organic whole, exhibited for tourists its fair beautiful look. Area of phoenix hill scene is national level scenery scenic spot hill of area wind feng4huang2 is Liaoning one of 4 names hill, be located in red east 57 kilometers are in city northwest, 213 kilometers of northing Shenyang city, southwest is apart from 300 kilometers of Dalian city, cover an area of 24 square kilometer, hill Gao Linmao, chute grades a coin, imposing manner is grand and gallant, scenery of the four seasons each different, cultural relic historic site cans be found everywhere, it is famed travel resort, with its “ scene, peak, danger, stone, hole, spring, content, temple, quarter, the 10 big landscape such as slash ” give priority to landscape of line, key 100 much place, collect “ hero, danger, deep and remote, strange, beautiful ” at a suit, its scenery concentration, danger smooths to not be measured. The temple of annulus hill, carved stone and other are humanitarian landscape, formed a beautiful Chinese landscape picture scroll. The glamour —— that the friend that has visited phoenix hill praises it is peculiar step by step tall, step by step danger, tighten step by step, step by step difficult, a few paces a day. Especially ” of back of “ old ox more make person be terrified by the sight of sth or sb, go and cowardly pace, pass and cry absolutely. “ knows phoenix hill lubricious beauty early, why a thousand li goes Changjiang Delta ” . It is better to see for oneself rather than to hear for many times, ear listens to see for empty eye for solid, the talent of the beautiful scenery that has appreciated phoenix hill truly only can understand the implication of this word.

Everybody sets out from Shenyang in the morning, go to Liaoning by trailer coach one of 4 names hill phoenix hill. Phoenix hill is located in south Dan Dongdong 3 kilometers place, area 24 square kilometer, altitude of peak of cloud of highest peak assemble 936.4 meters, it calls the 4 names hill that Liaoning saves at hill of cure witch gate, 1000 hill, medicine hill, phoenix hill with “ grand and arduous, fontal hole quiet and beautiful, flowers and trees is bizarre, beautiful ” of scene of the four seasons and celebrated. Allegedly annual the traditional Chinese calendar in April 26 hold phoenix hill hill to meet to 28 days of metropolises. Red east the local ” that is known as “ immortal to had lived, country hill of phoenix of door name hill, green river of the memorial hall of face of the aid that fight the United States of the Chao Youyi in condensing and duck breaks the bridge. The interesting explanation trailer coach that accompanying a conduct a sightseeing tour arrived very quickly phoenix hill, can climb immediately, everybody's mood is very excited. Phoenix mountain system grows white mountain branch range, hill outward appearance is sudden extraordinary, if phoenix is volant, reason names with " phoenix " . West hill of entire mountain cent, east channel of hill, temple, Gu Cheng area of 4 great respect. Among them, tourist attraction of area of west hill scene most concentration, also be the characteristic that provides strange a place difficult of access. During holiday, climb the person is very much really, although phoenix hill height is far abdicate Yu Huashan, dan Ji danger is similar. If old ox carries the mountain backbone on on the back, although go hard glossily, do not certain however - table level, complete armrest pulls iron baluster ascend. We do not want to climb originally at the beginning, but waiting for telpher person is too much really, everybody has climbed old ox to carry this one road on the back with respect to the decision, but tall to fearing person still did not go up, allegedly back of this old ox is hill situation very it is strategic place very. Climb mountain peak ability to see “ the world only absolutely ” , ability look as far as one can is far stare, make popular feeling free from worries magical happy. Tian Gaoyun is weak, clear sky 10 thousand lis, the foot issues group of Shan Miangen, winding rise and fall, heavy hill is folded emerald green, ” of the building outside building of the green hill outside hill of “ of it may be said, look down at on hill the beautiful scenery below, it is to enjoy really, look up, as if particularly close from blue sky. Say to visit phoenix hill according to the tourist guide optimal season was April the middle ten days of a month arrives by October. This all the way everybody still visited violet positive outlook, fight Mu palace, palace of green jade glow, the tourist attraction such as avalokitesvara cabinet, choosing mountain-climbing to experience nature is the relaxation of a kind of heart, ah, but after not quite strong friend comes home, the body is afraid all over acid aches, cannot take a route. Play to one's heart's contently, time also passes particularly quickly, arrived to return the time of Shenyang in an instant, all the way joyous song, everybody laughs in joyous sound happy journey ended in language.
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