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Crossover channel swims one day
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Crossover channel swims one day groovy 99 yuan / person
Park of forest of crossover channel country, repose in brim of northwest of wide pasture county, with Benxi county Huan Ren county abuts, be apart from 65 kilometers of wide pasture county, be apart from red east downtown 157 kilometers, forest zone area 40 square kilometer, silvan park acreage 10 square kilometer. The mountain peak inside whole area is pretty, strange stone forest stands, gushu is very tall, brook Chan Chan, the mysterious …… of the group of pretty, Home Zhang of the lofty of the father-in-law, Huang Shan almost all renown hill can find our country here their epitome, have “ strange, special, handsome, the scenery characteristic of danger ” , the beauty that element has ” of hill of small hut of outside Shanghaiguan “ praise. Develop construction through what come a few years, park of forest of country of channel driving the bridge already took shape, have 4 scene area to open to the outside world: Does join of  of Xing of thin ⑸ street gather up does stew of beautiful of  ill ⑶ flinch bifurcation gathers up does bang of regretful of  field ⒃ gather up does paddy of Quan of Mie of  plinth ⒋ gather up  ?

In the morning 5: 00 set out by the car go to crossover channel beauty spot, reach area of crossover channel scene midday, lunch hind visits the place that Yang Jingyu of the famous hero that fight day has fought, lotus peak, blackbear hole, the scene area such as day of a gleam of. Afternoon 3: 30 gather return Shenyang, end happy journey.

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1. my social security leaves pair of above journey order and time to have upgoing right, but the tourist attraction is changeless. 2. The fee that if treat force majeure element or national policy,adjusts a generation provides for oneself by the guest. Friendship clew: Respectable tourist reachs an increase to ensure your safety, ask you to defend injury insurance of travel person accident actively (5 yuan / person) . Holiday sends a group every day, weekly at ordinary times 6 weekday send round circuitry to offer: A travel agent books Shenyang phone: 024-82899100 024-82899200 024-22771108