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Channel glacial valley day door hill swims 2 days
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Channel glacial valley day door hill swims 2 days groovy 275 yuan / person
Travel glacial valley goes vacationing the area is located in distant east the end austral the peninsula, be located in the churchyard of city of Dalian village river with coastal Yellow Sea, circumference 110 square kilometer, the river that spur a bank 40 kilometers, Dalian 160 kilometers, red east wall of 140 kilometers, sea 150 kilometers, Shenyang 300 kilometers, communication is easy. Inside scene area form by landforms of peculiar and grand false dissolve cliff, hill of arduous, layer folds its hill situation barrier, strange peak cereal of bristly, channel is deep and serene, brook pool settleclear clear, Lin Maohua is numerous; Have an animal about a hundred kinds, on the plant 1000 kinds, can says “ is natural move plant kingdom ” . River of circuitous of flower accept river, small valley river answers meantime, running water all the year round not exhaust, water quality pleasant is mellow. Shadow of smooth Lin of gorge of flower accept lake, if the poem is picturesque, swing a boat on its, relaxed and happy making a person, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave. Element has ” of northward “ small Guilin say, . Park of forest of country of day door hill is located in north of city of Dalian village river 60 kilometers place, you Yunji hill, turn 5 scene section becomes edge of hill of door of valley of Hunan lake, free from worries, day, great river, whole area kilometer of 150 more than square, inside the area full of the elegant scenery that nature gifts.

The first day: Early 5: 00 head for by trailer coach [channel glacial valley] , view and admire scenery of the beauty inside channel. Scene area is mixed by flower accept river little ice valley two rivers with word of “ person ” model distributing, namely south channel and boreal channel. Flower accept river is like the silken belt of a white, along ice valley circles and go. Small valley river is like line of a root, twining a Gu peak mountain forest. Old: Channel glacial valley the following day: Breakfast hind goes to day door hill, admire beautiful country scene, lunch hind returns the home of Shenyang warmth.

Serve standard and charge specification
Recieve a standard: Expenses of roundtrip old liaison man, tourist attraction the first entrance ticket, 1 early 3 1 constellation (prandial 8 dish 1 soup, 10 people one desk, wine water provides for oneself. Live 4—6 world is communal and wholesome) , danger of travel agent responsibility, tourist guide serves. Quote did not contain: The guest attends of one's own accord at one's own expenses accident insurance of project and personal spending, person

1. my social security leaves pair of above journey order and time to have upgoing right, but the tourist attraction is changeless. 2. The fee that if treat force majeure element or national policy,adjusts a generation provides for oneself by the guest. Friendship clew: Respectable tourist reachs an increase to ensure your safety, ask you to defend injury insurance of travel person accident actively (5 yuan / person) . Holiday sends a group every day, send round circuitry to offer every Saturday at ordinary times: A travel agent books Shenyang phone: 024-82899100 024-82899200 024-22741108
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