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Edifice of Shenyang Dong Cheng
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Hotel of class of SamSung of Shenyang of brief introduction of edifice of Shenyang Dong Cheng
Brief introduction of edifice of Shenyang Dong Cheng: Edifice of Liaoning Dong Cheng (Dong Sheng Hotel) is guesthouse of class of SamSung of a concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals (restaurant of SamSung class green) , be located in Shenyang downtown----Side of municipal government north, separate a market with standing committee of Shenyang city National People's Congress opposite, the neighbor austral the edifice is new base torch edifice, north relies on Shenyang north station, be apart from an airport to have 30 minutes only, communication is easy, extend in all directions. Advantageous situation is in Shenyang city tourism more show its dazzling ray. The edifice sets adornment elegance, establishment. . . < more>

Practice time: 1995 years
Decorate time: 27 years
Be apart from from the airport (kilometer) : 25
Be apart from from Shenyang railway station (kilometer) : 1.5
Be apart from from downtown (kilometer) : 0.5

Address: This ┙ ? date

Room of edifice of Shenyang Dong Cheng and the priceBroadband: Have (free)Increase bed price: Do not add a bedBreakfast price: In early: Week of price of retail sales of breakfast of 15 yuan of rooms remarks Big bed of standard room A / 398.00 10-20 of ¥ of double bed double portion
21.0 of ¥ 260.0 ¥Book Standard single room is big 398.00 10-20 of ¥ of bed double portion
21.0 of ¥ 260.0 ¥Book 428.00 10-20 of ¥ of double portion of double bed of high level room
21.0 of ¥ 300.0 ¥Book Advanced single room is big 428.00 10-20 of ¥ of bed double portion
21.0 of ¥ 300.0 ¥Book 3 people room does not have triplet ¥ 460.00 10-20
24.5 of ¥ 340.0 ¥Book Dong Cheng edifice introduces Shenyang in detail
Meal establishment
Guest room of bar of hall of coffee of Chinese meal hall sends eat service teahouse
Recreational facilities
Chess card room
Service facilities
Phone of IDD of phone of DDD of ticket Wu service washs parking lot of center of auditoria business affairs dress Wu bazaar is tonsorial hairdressing room
Supportive credit card
All things is amounted to (Master) power person (VISA) carry is connected (AMEX) come greatly (Diners Club) JCB card home issues silver-colored couplet card

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