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Shenyang fills public house of new city business affairs
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Shenyang fills brief introduction of hotel of new city business affairs: Hotel of Cheng Xincheng business affairs is located in Shenyang the street austral people of division of Shenyang city peace 138. Floor area 5000 smooth rice, set a broadband 24 hours of free port, central air conditioning, hot water, buy on sb's behalf train ticket, airline ticket. Adjacent Shenyang railway station 500 meters, triumphal ave 100 meters, shenyang is flourishing street of shopping centre Taiyuan 300 meters. This hotel does business at trying on December 1, 2007, traffic is convenient, annulus 璄 is elegant, in be troubled by, take static, it is the travel that occupy the home, business affairs is treated talk about SamSung. . . < more>

Practice time: 28 years
Decorate time: 27 years
Address: Date of?38 of Da administer farring away

Room of hotel of business affairs of Shenyang Chengxin city with the priceBroadband: Have (free)Increase bed price: Not have offerBreakfast price: Week of price of retail sales of breakfast of room of 20.00 remarks Between the standard big bed / double bed contains early ¥ 268.00 10-20
14.0 of ¥ 200.0 ¥Book Odd world big bed contains early ¥ 268.00 10-20
14.0 of ¥ 200.0 ¥Book Double bed contains early ¥ 300.00 10-20 between business affairs standard
14.0 of ¥ 240.0 ¥Book Flatlet big bed contains early ¥ 488.00 10-20
17.5 of ¥ 400.0 ¥Book Luxurious flatlet big bed contains early ¥ 580.00 10-20
17.5 of ¥ 450.0 ¥Book Shenyang fills hotel of new city business affairs to introduce in detail
Meal establishment
Guest room of Chinese meal hall sends eat the service
Recreational facilities
Chess card room
Service facilities
Telephone call of DDD of service of Wu of parking lot ticket is total the room is free the broadband gets online
Supportive credit card
Do not accept credit card to pay