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Shenyang Liaoning guesthouse
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Hotel of class of SamSung of Shenyang of brief introduction of Shenyang Liaoning guesthouse

Brief introduction of Shenyang Liaoning guesthouse: Liaoning guesthouse is Liaoning province restaurant of first SamSung stage travel, it is a hotel of travel concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals that has Europe to build a style, the adornment style of grumous historical culture atmosphere, old mysterious ethical breath, simple elegance, comprised grave and luxurious state guest culture. Guesthouse reposes in the end austral square of Shenyang city Zhongshan to intersect to go up at road of Nanjing street, Zhongshan. Chinese medical university is faced east, taiyuan street shopping centre leans on the west. Be apart from Shenyang to stand one kilometer, the station that be apart from north 3 kilometers, . . .

Practice time: 1927 years
Decorate time: 22 years
The hotel is in: Mouth of across of road of Nanjing street, Zhongshan
Distance Shenyang stands (kilometer) : 1;
Distance Shenyang north stands (kilometer) : 3;
Be apart from the airport (kilometer) ; 25
Address: Date of?7 of orangutan bore with a reamer

Room of Shenyang Liaoning hotel and the priceBroadband: Have (free)Increase bed price: 120.00Breakfast price: On the west early: 20 self-help are early: Week of price of retail sales of breakfast of room of 20 remarks 2 pieces of beds between mark do not have ¥ 358.00 10-20
7.0 of ¥ 300.0 ¥Book 2 pieces of beds between high mark do not have ¥ 418.00 10-20
7.0 of ¥ 340.0 ¥Book Small big bed does not have ¥ 498.00 10-20
7.0 of ¥ 360.0 ¥Book Do not explain especially: Add a bed 120 yuan / in early 20 yuan on the west early 20 yuan of self-help are early 20 yuan
Shenyang Liaoning guesthouse introduces in detail
Meal establishment
Bar of Chinese meal hall
Recreational facilities
Sufficient cure
Service facilities
Foreign currency of business affairs center changes Wu of bill of service DDD phone to serve a taxi
Supportive credit card
All things is amounted to (Master) power person (VISA) carry is connected (AMEX) come greatly (Diners Club) JCB card home issues silver-colored couplet card
Map of Shenyang Liaoning guesthouse

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