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11 travel heat up Shenyang -- make sense of what of a day of farmer
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3 circuitry experience farmhouse is happy

25 days, home Su collect travels in zoology of equestrian ear mountain the stone dizzy summit that area investment builds more than yuan 40 watchs a covered corridor or walk of peak of scene stage, horseback and half way up the mountain 2 layers to babble total investment of 3 place tourist attraction uses fontal the mouth of spring.

11 during, area of travel of zoology of equestrian ear mountain will be rolled out " civilian culture swims " , the cherry cereal inside travel area is manorial, the citizen can admire the whole nation performance of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast of handicraft of contemporary folk brushwork, folk, northeast folk-custom and folk are absolutely vivid wait for a program.

Rely on at airport of 2008 green islands former zoology plucks section, area of Home Su collect still will be in the picked base of area of economy of travel of airport of Shenyang green island is held " agronomic experience swims " , this circuitry with " autumn wind sends bright, great achievements waves sweet " for the theme, the citizen can attend vegetables of picked season fruit, mountain-climbing and go angling to wait self-help type a moment agronomic experience activity.

In addition, area of Home Su collect returns the folk-custom of Home Deng channel in beauty spot of white clear camp a street was rolled out " folk-custom amorous feelings swims " . Citizen not only can become here a day of farmer, still can visit Shenyang water hole. According to introducing, activity that day in the morning, the passenger can participate in a farmer personally among the life, have play to the Shenyang water hole of attractive scenery afternoon, visit silver-colored waterfall of shade of a winding path leading to a secluded spot, water and unpredicatable Cang Jun by ship hole.

2.3 million change to scene area " new clothes "

As we have learned, area of Home Su collect invests in all this year 230 beyond strengthen travel scene area infrastructure construction. In zoology of equestrian ear mountain travel area invested more than yuan 160 to undertake afforest, beautification, bright change, construction of Cheng of sclerotic, only chemical industry, add street lamp newly 48, wall of screen wall of folk art picture public toilet of 10 place, running water 2, carry out ticket wells balanced 1, parking lot 1 place; Erect adornment barrier 300 extend way of mountain-climbing of rice, maintenance 3000 lengthen rice, cultivated afforest to cultivate 6500 individual plant, cultivated lawn 4000 square metre, make scene area is in today autumn whole " transhipment of through cargo " .

While to travel scene the area undertakes elaborate program, intention is made, area of Home Su collect still is improving the weak environment of travel ceaselessly, provide considerate, convenient, orderly service for the tourist, built " tourism group (travel agent) -- travel society -- farmhouse is picked if really (repast) " the platform of effective butt joint, formed basically " eat farmhouse meal, pick farmhouse fruit, swim farmhouse garden, enjoy peasant family happy " sightseeing of agriculture of zoology of type of one continuous line travels catenary.
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