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New site of travel of distant this world -- river Dong Xincheng
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City of Tokyo of have the aid of (hill) , reproduce Manchu custom amorous feelings; Build sports center of new city culture, form the culture scene area that has distant in relief distinguishing feature; Build public house of 5 stars class, grade of town of promotion new city... understand even recently reporter in interview, the river Dong Xincheng that in distant Yang Quancheng fixes eyes upon is developed, especially in earlier construction, culture details and grade make each items advocate fundamental key.
Look to Tokyo city " empress of filial piety village " bridal
Tokyo city ever was capital seat of Nuerhachi, only then build after golden destiny 6 years (1621) , city circumference more than 3800 meters, monarch 8, the city is built-in what exert Er breaths out bare handle affairs the building such as hall of anise of goverment office in feudal China and palace. At that time, nuerhachi undertook the reform of a series of politics, economy, military affairs, respect such as religion in Tokyo city, the face that it is Qing Dynasty is entered finally advocate Central Plains laid solid foundation. And the Zu Ling that Tokyo hill ever was clear dynasty, bury has the royal member such as Shuerhaqi, Muerhaqi, 禇 flower.
As we have learned, in developing river Dong Xincheng, distant in relief city plans to build Tokyo wall (hill) culture garden area. The initial tentative plan in garden includes: City gate of repair Tokyo town, the road is built between corresponding city gate, road both sides transforms store of contented amorous feelings; Rebuild anise hall; Thematic garden division is built in clearing place, basically be Nuerhachi royal and field of drilling of statuary, Eight Banners, formal performance, Manchu amorous feelings exhibits all sorts of house, custom to participate in an activity, in be like royal marriage common " ham exorcise evil spirits, fire 3 arrows, do obeisance to north to fight, cast aside small cup, over- saddle, noisy room, wait according to Aquarius of bronze mirror, newspaper " , return " empress of filial piety village " bridal; Room of Manchu and sacred activity is constructed beside Tokyo hill; Manchu village is built between Tokyo city and Tokyo hill, build shop of copy clear business, business street, conduct Manchu custom activity, develop Manchu food, begin travel of culture of Manchu amorous feelings to wait.
It is reported, current, branch of culture of distant in relief city is engineering protection of culture of river Dong Xincheng in full blast to use, culture project is advanced, the job such as culture details mining, dig the history of hill of Tokyo city, Tokyo deep, promote historical culture connotation in construction of new city development, blend in characteristic of culture of distant in relief place. Additional, hill of city of Tokyo of have the aid of, Tokyo, develop culture travel project, show the culture intention of distant Yang Gucheng to foreign visitor.

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