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11 Shenyang travel is hot, beer of cate of north and south is surpassed
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Came on September 28 on October 7, the Shenyang that serves as 11 golden weeks " grand opera " those who reach travel red-letter day " last item " , temple fair of temple of peaceful area emperor is held will livelily do 10 days, folk-custom performs show of take turns of program of article put together, contest of beer of cate of north and south is opened wide go to, festal atmosphere gets warming up here.
Literary show has the stage of temple fair of current emperor temple absolutely a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast, lively consummate skill, magic, instrumental music is performed etc, live absolutely among them actor Li Anchun performs " divine whip stunt " it may be said shows which are hit, whip does not have empty hair; N is Manchu and artistic the group appears on temple fair first, the show is Manchu amorous feelings dancing. Folk-custom performance basically has division of imperial go on a journey, division to give get married get married of dancing of palace, the Xibo nationality, bridal sedan chair to wait, perform a team to cross in tourist, increased interactive sex. Sichuan " double dragon is combined " kongfu tea is combined not only tea art and union of time performance appearance, still brought art of wonderful Sichuan suddenly turn hostile to perform, at the appointed time the performance that the tourist can enjoy them in building of emperor temple tea. Civilian craft has carve of the candy picture, person that blow candy, person that hold candy, quarter calabash, egg and spot to make picture, handicraft be on sale. Commodity is on sale marine products of precious of commodity of characteristic food, travel, hill waits.
The focus of temple fair of every emperor temple is cate, current temple fair still packed cate mainly a street, smooth hotpot is strung together have a few kinds, still have call brambling, Korea to hit cake and Taiwan decoct of fastfood Ke young, Wuhan the each district gust such as 3 Xian Dou skins is fastfood. Fire gets the beer food festival that runs the other day disastrous, a few beer past master that give definitely " blow bottle " speed comparatives Oh, drew a lot of people itch to try, accordingly, beer of the snowflake on current temple fair still holds beer food festival and beer contest. Current, 60 meters long cate big canopy has begun to build, by south traverse emperor temple plaza north east the road connecting distant of side. Temple fair everyday open time is early 8 evening 9, but a lot of deadbeat are intolerable cate is beautiful the temptation of wine, eat and drink rise often happy do not think of return, accordingly, the time of cate street can be lengthened appropriately.