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Shenyang Lu Yuan will change personally " misty rain Changjiang Delta "
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Yesterday afternoon, area of Shenyang city peace holds contemporary service line of business to develop a specification to meet, concentration was released include Xi Bin market of street of river road, Taiyuan, north, south the market, on the west 5 lis of inlet of tower, Shenyang, rivers the overall planning of 7 large area, the pulling that acting warden Cheng Xiaolong hopes to carry item of line of business of typical and contemporary service is moved, drive development of peaceful area whole.
Emperor temple road is reductive ash of blue bricks of old north city is made of baked clay
Program content: Make " northeast the first city " , the program develops gross area two hundred and twenty-nine thousand six hundred square metre, roll out division of trade of headquarters of corridor of gold of hundred years Tian Youfang, north to wait for a project, the culture inside information that uses boreal market to accumulate builds the characteristic meal block of amorous feelings of culture of east of Shanhaiguan.
The current situation: The cloister of Chinese Shenyang emperor that here holds those who have 4 big temple fair of countrywide every year to say for many times is met.
Window: Program overall length 778 meters emperor temple road because historical protection building is numerous, future considers to make the folk-custom that waits for classic view to contain doorpost of blue bricks, grey tile, beautiful grille, red paint build landscape market.
The tower is built on the west " Korea amorous feelings not nocturnal city "
Program content: Rely on on the west condition of advantage of ground of inhabit a region of dweller of tower area the Chaoxian nationality, develop Han Shimei to feed recreation culture, make " Korea amorous feelings not nocturnal city " .
The current situation: The tower has Han Shang to invest an enterprise on the west 127, here is annual Shenyang Korea week can conduct characteristic activity.
Window: Make " Korea amorous feelings not nocturnal city " , always cover an area of one hundred and eighty-three thousand five hundred square metre, business of wind of division of estate of the bag outside forming economy of area of hotel of international business affairs, headquarters and service, contemporary Han lives division of life of culture of area and Han type folk-custom.
Build an underground " Taiyuan street "
Program content: Annals of source of son's eldest son of peaceful division secondary division introduces, peaceful area hopes the area is in a Taiyuan market trade to already fundamental ascendant class is high-grade " shopping heaven " . Recreational square, poineering edifice, finance serves city of planning construction future, bar the project such as the edifice. Use the trade space with at present new development of project of people's air defense of 100 thousand square metre at the same time, develop from south the subterranean space that road of China of city district edge stands to Shenyang, give somebody a new lease on life a subterranean " Taiyuan street " . Investment amount is close 2 billion yuan.
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