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Shenyang the Imperial Palace
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Of Shenyang the Imperial Palace east the road is very distinctive. Big politics hall be placed in the middle, both sides cent lists 10 kiosk, call 10 king booth. Big politics hall is building of kiosk of an anise duouble-eaved roof, front door has two Pan Longzhu, in order to show majestic.
Big politics hall is to be used hold grand ceremony, if issue imperial edict, announce legionary go out for a battle, receive officers and soldiers triumphal the place that waits with imperial accession. 10 king booth is the place that king of or so ala and Eight Banners chancellery handle affairs. This kind of Jun Chen adds up to arrange to handle affairs Yu Gongqian's phenomenon, be scarce on the history. Look from the building, big politics hall also is a kiosk, its body amount is larger nevertheless, adornment is more luxuriant, because of, call palace. Big politics hall and 10 kiosk that splay discharges. Its build pattern to be be born out of the account hall at minority. These 11 kiosk, be 11 tent is reincarnate. Tent is OK flow, migratory, and kiosk is fixed rose. This also showed a progress of minority culture.
Chong Zhengdian is the building with Shenyang the mainest the Imperial Palace, be in in road, it is emperor too extremely daily the place that arrives day. Chong Zhengdian north has one phoenix building, three-layer, it is to fill the highest building inside the capital at that time.