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Zhang Shuai Fu
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Big whorehouse is located in east the courtyard is upper, zhang Zunlin is rising 1925 consultative war is here secret after supervising and direct for northeast frontier defence, make great and decision-making and recieve important official of China and foreign countries. Illustrious and famous " tiger hall " with respect to the northeast horn in first floor, the two tigers specimen that it has guard of path of the eastern side to make Shang Yulin sends because of display and get a name. Yang Yuting, Chang Yinhuai is here to be executed by Zhang Xueliang namely. Big whorehouse is third floor, sit boreal Xiang Na, polygonal, the brick mixes a structure, european Gothic is built, body of blue bricks wall, white cement wipes foul line, black and white set each other off, appear marked all the more, simple but elegant. Downstair stage bright control about one meter high, mix south east side has each " 8 " the glyph hangs down belt, 9 class step. Door of monarch of first floor front 3 place, bright corridor door attends for hemicycle in, two side combine the door for hemicycle group. Face up to 2 buildings platform and balcony of body of two of 3 buildings outstanding semicircle. It is cement beautiful division, music decorates trigonometry grain on, hemicycle, bottle type railing board, corridor column, circular chapiter. Courtyard northeast horn has 3 one-storey house east, fokelore is domestic temple of Zhang Zunlin, zhang Xueming says the younger brother that occupies Zhang Xueliang, this room is not a temple, close temple of the Supreme Being however. Zhang Zunlin adores Guan Yu, build 3 place to close temple of the Supreme Being in all in Shenyang (additional two lie outside harships altar and Danamen) . Be in east the road outside the wall east, have building of monomer of form of a geometry, namely building of Miss Zhao Si, this is the dwelling place that Zhang Xueliang builds technically for Miss Zhao Si. The courtyard has a building on the west 6, it is to be Zhang formerly each child preparative abode, "9 · 18 " before emergency have not complete, continue to build by Japanese after. Before liberating, "Shuai Fu " the name acts according to endowment house for the library central, be acted according to by Japan early or late actually headquarters of day of the first military control and ministry of Kuomintang city party and receive a high-ranking official to wait occupy crouch, the building inside the courtyard is destroyed more, fireweed is fascicular, unmanned make inquires.
After liberating, the literary organization such as association of Liaoning province library and couplet of Liaoning province article, writer handles official bussiness here, shuai Fu becomes culture activity center. Shuai Fu's property right, according to the policy of the party, come a few years, put in Zhang Xueliang's general 's charge all the time all, use unit presses formulary pay chummage, generation of house property branch closes, govern on somebody's behalf. People government ever allocated funds for many times undertake large-scale maintenance, make this is built group save in good condition. Government of Shenyang city people announced cultural relic of the class that it is city to protect an unit in Feburary 1985, was labelled in December 1988 provincial cultural relic protects an unit.
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