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Shenyang blessing hill
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Cemetery sits south the Northern Dynasties, surround all around with red wall, the central brim that it is sheet rests south hill type red Men Sanying, arch 3. Two side are joined to arranging the stone lion, Shi Ma, Shi Tuo, stone carving such as Shi Hu in couples inside the door. Flat end, use build of natural hill situation 108 pedal stone rank, with symbolizing 36 days of Gang are mixed 72 ground evil spirit.
Crossed Shi Qiao, tablet building is in the middle of, duouble-eaved roof rests hill type, door of all sides certificate, beard cover is below type stage base, clear emperor Zu Xuanye stands to be written in person inside " tablet of heart of emperor of result of god of hill of great clear good fortune " , epitaph is used full, Chinese book of two kinds of characters is engraved, account is worn Nuerhachi's contribution. Again castle type construction of north makes square wall, build angular building quadrilateral. Door of favour having grand is built in the middle of Fang Chengna face, use on lintel Chinese, full, unconscious 3 kinds of characters are engraved into " Long En door " 3 words. It is Long Endian head on into the door, it is sacred use enjoy a hall, bring up the rear sets bright floor over hole door, stand inside " too ancestor Gao Huang Di Zhiling " monument. Circular treasure city is after square city, crescent moon form is submitted between two cities, also call crescent moon the city consequently. There is one protuberant treasure to support in the middle of treasure city, issue the ground palace that is the coffin that bury buy. Fu Ling builds group of crystallization that are working people sweat and toil and wisdom, it builds our country tradition form and be in harmony of Manchu building form to be an organic whole, formed different at inside Shanghaiguan the distinctive color of each hill.
Although blessing hill dimensions is smaller than Zhao Ling, have the above-listed as a result of it however two big characteristics, again together with environment is beautiful, still alone attractive. So, people swims Zhao Ling, still can You Fuling of add of in spirits ground, and won't produce similar move. Now, fu Ling is taken already monarched for ground of Dong Ling recuperate.