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The street in Shenyang
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There is Jin Lilai here, 200, roc amount to, the mark sex of the street in waiting for 4 builds drum-tower; Luxuriant growth one ministry, 2 archaize builds China building, reveal an ancient city charm; The large trade such as mansion of business of mansion of trader of square of spring of commercial city, Shenyang, East Asia, violet gold, Fan Yashang mansion, fine Hao is huge child, show the uncommon bearing with a modern cosmopolitan trade. The street has a businessman in 253, among them of 10 thousand meters of above large omnibus business mansion has 6.

Emporium, the north and south that is centered in street road more two side; Rich and varied, Linlangman quotations of purpose small commodities (the market) , dispersed in the alley that holds in the edge.

Large omnibus business mansion

Shenyang commerce city: Ever ascended 4 years continuously cavalcade of 10 big business company. Total business acreage 115 thousand square metre, come for years, with domestic and international thousands of well-known company is built hear long-term business dealings relationship, famous brand of management international, country and name actor or actress popular goods more than kinds 100 thousand.

Shenyang store of the 200th goods: Auspicious of Shenyang old name arranges filar room site, it is medium one of businessmen that street area maintains original structure style, cultural relic of the class that it is city protects an unit. Total business acreage (contain a means south) 10 thousand square metre. This old store of nearly hundred years from ancient it is ground of treasure of management conduct financial transactions up to now, element has " Ji Suichun Xia Qiudong turns, suitable get money of thing north and south " beautiful praise.

Shenyang is flourishing (East Asia) square: It is the commercial square with Asian monomer the largest area, a collect shops, the brand-new large trade square that recreational, recreation is an organic whole.

Fan Yashang mansion: Floor area 11 thousand square metre. Set carve of cap of golden inn, dress, shoe, root 5 professional market such as supermarket of stationery of commodity of strange stone, Korea. Commodity locates with in high-grade give priority to, it is not to have a color, have structure of originality, business extremely function of reasonable, service is perfect, be full of culture, recreational, vogue to be the diversity business mansion of an organic whole.