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Northeast black agaric
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Agaric has moist and strong, embellish lung filling head, light body strong mark, raise flourish with blood, enrich the blood invigorate the circulation of blood, composed and acetanilide wait for effect, it is natural nourishing agent. Agaric can treat leg of waist of haemorrhoid haemorrhage, cold wet sex to wait for disease sorely. Because agaric has embellish lung and effect of bowel of clear cleanse stomach, because spin one of weaver person and mine worker's important health food however. The research of hospital of Su Da university discovers American bright Buddhist nun, black agaric can reduce haemal clot, often edible agaric has precautionary effect to heart disease of sclerosis of appearance of coronary artery congee.
Black agaric, chicken of renown wood moth, tree, Yun Er, ear child wait, it is the bacterium of a kind of edible that grows on a hopeless case, because of ear of person of its color weak brown, be similar in shape, and get a name. One, the nutrition of nutrient value black agaric of black agaric is very rich, the beautiful that enjoys alone for archaic monarch is tasted, have " the meat or fish in element " beautiful praise. According to " inside The Book of Rites criterion > account and Sinology person Zheng Xuan's annotate, and the market of < The Book of Rites of Dai Chenhao of the Song Dynasty says > , prove black agaric is the beautiful that antediluvian times monarch enjoys alone to taste.
Black agaric is fragile tender goluptious, flavour is delicious, it is the food that urban and rural people likes. Black wood contains many carbohydrate in ear, protein is made an appointment with 10% , the effective nurture such as adipose, cellulose, iron, calcic, phosphor, carotene, vitamin B1, B2 and C is qualitative. According to assay analysis, calcium is contained in black agaric of every 100 grams 375 milligram, be equivalent to 7 times of crucian carp fish; Contain iron 185 milligram, be equivalent to 70 times of crucian carp fish. The glue plastid of black agaric is had very big charming, it can rise remain centrally in the dirt in people digestion, impurity, outside eduction body, it is collier, spin, tonsorial the good health food with chemical worker.
Black agaric is a kind of precious medicinal material, bright generation is famous medical home Li Shizhen is in detailed outline of < a book on Chinese medicine > in account, agaric sex pleasant is smooth, advocate the gas that wipe profit not be hungry, latter-day medicine worker has new discovery again to the officinal value of black agaric, think black agaric still has ferry of clear lung, embellish, take silt to give birth to new effect, black wood still contains the material that fight cancer in ear, it is a kind of anticarcinogen uses provision. Black agaric still can promote human body blood to circulate, remedial coronary heart disease.