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10.18 a peak autumn tour
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, "Golden Week" period, the magic of magnificent volcanic scenery has attracted a large number of foreign tourists to the tourist resort Wudalianchi Scenic Area, the major attractions the crowded spectacle again, Waterfall growing. "Golden Week" in the first three days, the Five Scenic continues to heat up, a thousand passengers were tourists, including visitors a day on October 1, more than 5,000 accommodation was reached, more than a year ago. Short-term tourists travel mainly concentrated in the Northeast and Hebei provinces, Beijing, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Fujian and other major cities.

Autumn of the Five storied dye, colorful, autumn is beautiful thick volcanic scenery adds endless charm. In the Black Dragon Mountain, Longmen Shizhaishan other major scenic spots, tourists from all over the country have plunged into the embrace of the volcano, indulge in the charming autumn. Wudalianchi unique landscapes attracted a large number of photographers after another, they used the camera to record the beautiful moments.

Area staff are also full of enthusiasm and quality service to meet guests from all directions, into October, Wudalianchi temperature began to fall, to ensure the safety of tourists travel, scenic staff prepared for the majority of foreign tourists to coat and hot water, so that they truly feel late autumn warmth. Although the time when the leaves are blowing in the season, but the major scenic spots in an orderly manner, the staff give up holiday area, track cleaning, so visitors swim in the clean environment, landscape.

Tourists from Qiqihar City, said Lee Dove: Fall to the Five feel Wudalianchi is the most beautiful place north, at first glance, both plain, there are hills, there are volcanic spire, people feel there is paradise on earth, so that I was very impressed, my future will bring many friends to come here for sightseeing, enjoy the scenery here. Visitors from the entry of Shenyang Li said: I first came to the summer when Wudalianchi Scenic Area, this autumn, I feel pretty scenery than summer, especially in view of the mountains, particularly beautiful, a worthwhile trip. After I went back to see friends in Shenyang to let them come here to travel, but also hope Wudalianchi to World Heritage List.