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Kunming build digital tourist more convenient access to information
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Yesterday at 10 am, Kunming Tourism Administration and the Kunming Branch of China Telecom Corporation Limited to the "digital tourist" project in cooperation signing ceremony was held in Kunming Hotel, Kunming, which marks the "digital tourist" project Has entered a substantive advance stage. Kunming Tourism Bureau, said Shi, deputy from the peak of the "digital tourist" project, will be better for tourists to provide timely, convenient access to information for the tourism administrative departments to provide more effective management and implementation of tourism Act means, to help tourism administrative departments at all levels to grasp the market information, ultimately enhancing overall competitiveness of the tourism industry in Kunming purpose. The two sides will be completed at the end of the year the first tourist groups, Department of Electronic itinerary System, the tourism industry development and construction of information exchange system to realize the tourism industry and travel agency employees employed to collect basic information, units and personal integrity of the certification process of the construction of a tourism product within the industry Information exchange and other features for a quotation.