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Wei River Park successfully promoted the cities of the State 4A level scenic sp
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Recently, Zhucheng Weihe River Park officially approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state 4A level scenic spots. In recent years, Zhucheng the construction of water parks as one of the key water conservancy work, closely around the target star Digit excellence, continue to invest over 1 billion yuan, hardening, green, lighting, landscaping, cleaning Weihe River 42 km, the new bridge 10, the gate dam 7, install lighting fixtures more than 5,000 lights, more than 300 million square meters of green area, water volume over 100 million cubic meters, a "two rivers intersect, dam conjoined, steps fold the waterfall , Watertown symbiosis, people and water "in the Landscape, reflecting the Here and now, cultivate character, the three travel entertainment atmosphere. At the same time, optimize the transformation of scenic layout, complete and perfect service facilities, and to develop management standards and regulations to implement the work plan, on the green landscaping, hardening of lighting, cleaning and security implementation of standardized, order, fine dynamic management, the formation of a multi- ecological functions, water, tourism, culture scenic spot. Wei-Wei River Park by the river the situation and built, shaped like a flying phoenix, and dragon-shaped river Xiangyixiangwei highlight flamboyant charm of water level, is the first developed by the county-based national water scenic river and lake ecology, which had been was named the National Water Scenic Area, the state 3A class tourist destinations, Shandong provincial recreational fishing demonstration, the top ten water parks in Shandong Province, the annual traffic exceeding one million.