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Foreign visitors and the layout of the tourism market in Shandong Shandong Tou
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Before the reporter was informed, Chongqing Overseas Tourism Group brand, "Tourism Knowing" is about to officially arrived in Jinan. Prior to this, HNA HNA Tourism Group's tour had to enter the music market in Jinan, while eyeing aimed Hill East market, there are several foreign travel agencies. Why are so dear to these foreign travel agencies, Shandong tourism market? Jinan province as well as travel agencies that send what kind of changes in the market? Foreign giant: huge market potential in Shandong It is understood that foreign travel agencies to enter the market in Shandong are HNA Le Tour, Tourism knowledgeable. Why travel abroad love Shandong market? Many travel agents said they were mainly Chinese and great customer Shandong Source market. In Chongqing, Guizhou, Sichuan, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Zhejiang, Henan scale operation of tourism knowledgeable, will set up camp in Jinan, tourism knowledgeable official said, they have an early look Shandong to the charm of hospitality, they look forward to all the industry a bigger piece of cake Shandong Tourism. Knowing stationed in Jinan travel more of a learning and integration, to work together, win-win attitude, and the tourism industry in Jinan Counterparts to work together to expand the market of Shandong travel. In the group market, economic and cultural development in Shandong Province, has great potential, tourism and knowledgeable marketing through accurate information and quality products and resources to stab their own advantages Desire to shock the general public travel, the organization more tourists travel; outsiders to enter the market in the reception area, Shandong Province, has rich natural and cultural tourism resources, tourism know all the stores around the country and through The advantages of purchasing, organizing more and more overseas visitors to Shandong Tourism. HNA Le Tour Jinan Jing Ru segment manager, told reporters stationed in Jinan Le Tour Hainan Airlines has 27 stores been normal business, although at the beginning of the development process will be more or less encountered some resistance, but this Join the travel patterns of the bigger pie Shandong Tourism has a positive meaning. Small travel agencies to enter through this form of franchising has changed the situation alone, is conducive to travel industry bigger and stronger . It is reported that Jinan branch HNA Le Tour next year will step up publicity efforts to provide quality products and services and gradually build the market in Jinan HNA Le Tour's influence. Local brands: there is competition only Large development Shandong face of foreign travel agencies have entered the market, how should the local travel agencies respond? In response, many travel agencies in Shandong local brands positive open, competitive market can have that done more Large, there is competition, there is great development. Shandong local brands as a leader in travel agencies, tour the country to face Shandong Jiahua cultural influx of foreign travel agencies have chosen to follow up and accelerate the pace of development, will be open to the rapid expansion of stores in the province. "Tourism market is open , And foreign travel agencies to market Jiahua Guo brigade stationed in Shandong, is a positive development, foreign brands to enter the competition, gave Jiahua Guo master contest of strength and opportunities for travel, more travel in the competition led to hone Jiahua Guo been And grow. "Jiahua Guo Zhang, general manager, told reporters travel. Jinan Guoxin Zhang Xiaoguo Director of Operations, said travel agents, travel agents stationed outside the local travel agencies in terms of Jinan is a good thing, foreign travel agencies to bring in advanced ideas and management models, can stimulate the local travel agents Spirit and morale. Professor, Shandong University School of Management and Square also believes that foreign travel agencies to enter the local market to compete, bringing a new culture, new business and profit model and the new service concept, to better Intensive promotion of travel to go and brand development. As competition increased rapidly, Zhang Xiaoguo think that local travel agencies should pay more attention to tourism products and services, efforts in product quality, market segments should be done in the dark so thoroughly, highlighting their advantages, must not be brow Maohu Zi grabbed. Zhang also said that Jiahua Guo brigade will try to make the characteristics of products and services to make creative, social and tourists won further recognition. Industry experts believe that the influx of foreign travel agencies to travel to the general public is a good thing. Wang Chenguang said: "The foreign travel agencies to enter the market in Jinan, the general public on the choice of more convenient travel products and diversification , The characteristics and quality of tourism products and more guarantees. "