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2010 Ningbo Tourism Festival attracts 7.5 million visitors
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Ningbo Municipal Tourism Bureau has released information indicating Ningbo Tourism Festival this year, 7.5 million passengers were tourists, stimulating consumption of 6.5 billion from tourism. The third quarter of this year, Ningbo City in 50 tourist visitors satisfaction survey ranked second, over the second quarter and a forward. It is reported that the current tourism festival's theme is "a way of life to travel, for leisure into the happiness index." Tourism Festival which lasted two months, the Frontier Forum were set, swim Ningbo, image display and tourism sector Huimin four themes, the introduction of the 2010 China (Ningbo) International Traveling Salesman General Assembly, after the Expo Times and the Yangtze River Delta Outlook Forum Leisure City, 2010 Yangtze River Delta (Ningbo) Tourism Festival and the motor car "Fujian, Ningbo Tourism Promotion Week" and other 10 activities. Ningbo Tourism Festival, there was another Chinese Fishing Festival, the Chinese leisure section of the lake, the China Family feelings Festival, Yuyao Siming Mountain Festival Shopping Festival in Ningbo, Ningbo and other major tourism festival food festival held at the same time, really make the travel section of a "people's festival Tourism feast. "