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Tang will host the fourth World Geological Park Winter Tourism Photography Fest
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Teng fourth Winter Tourism Photography Festival series of activities will be held December 30, 2010 held simultaneously in the world geological park, the park has now entered the phase of intense preparation. Winter tourism in 2010 Keshiketengqi Photography Festival's theme is: hot Shinsen, in view of the winter fishing, shooting steam and majestic, fun and cultural experience of a camel. Keshiketengqi bit Forest-steppe ecotone in eastern Inner Mongolia, and diverse landforms, rich in tourism resources, known as "miniature landscape of Inner Mongolia," said. The flag of the territory of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has the only one of the world geological parks, 2 national forest parks, two national nature reserves, 2 national key cultural relics protection units. Since the development of western Inner Mongolia Keshiketengqi closely around the natural environment, history and culture, the three main ethnic customs, forming a forest-steppe Daxing'anling scenery, geologic wonders of the world, ethnic customs and the Mongolian horse history and culture as the main element diversification of tourism industry system, maturing tourism infrastructure, and built to achieve in the lake, Reshuitang, Ulan Buh ancient battlefield systems, mortar and Asi Ha Castle Rock Chart top ten tourist areas such as Stone Forest landscape. In 2008 awarded the "China Tourism County" in 2010 by the National Standards Commission approved the standardization sample for the national eco-tourism areas. In order to fully demonstrate the popularity of magic Keshiketengqi beautiful, from December 2007 onwards, the Government successfully held the first flag 内蒙古克什克 Teng winter tourism photography festival, in which steam locomotive photography as a tourist flagship brand attracts more than 100 million domestic and international high-end tourists.