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Integration of resources in Changji winter tourist routes launched
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Winter 2010, Winter Changji integrate tourism resources, the organic combination of the five sites, the introduction of the winter tourist routes, giving visitors a new experience. Winter 2010, according to Tuowu Changji Chang Fountain, the Heavenly Lake, the International Ski Heavenly Lake of Tianshan, Suntime glacial lakes wineries, Wucaiwan, ancient sea hot springs and other scenic spots together, launched a day trip and multi-day tour winter tourist routes. Hot Springs Entertainment LLC Xinjiang Wucaiwan Jialin Cao, chairman, said: "We first rely on the Tianshan Heavenly Lake, the Tianchi this line northward, extending to the desert hot springs, so that visitors can ski up morning, afternoon you can enjoy the spa, but also can go to the desert tour, including the rare wild animals can taste. " In order to attract tourists, the area contents are traveling up and down a lot of effort. Tianshan Heavenly Lake Scenic Spot will hold the "Heavenly Lake Winter" photography exhibition, people hiking, praying orientation and other activities; Tianshan Heavenly Lake International Ski Resort launched the "Wu-chang public can experience skiing", "Junior Cup Ski Competition"; ancient sea spa area will be held Hot Springs Winter Swimming Festival, Christmas single match, wedding photography and other activities. In addition, the Changji this area together to launch several more favorable prices. Shi Yanling, deputy governor, said: "We rely on Urumqi, our skiing, hot springs, and our appreciation of beauty in winter, including the Heavenly Lake of Tianshan Mountains in winter rime, we continue to extend the industrial chain, and we hope this year's winter tourism can bring more tourism role in promoting good land. "