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Shenyang holiday travel agent
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Do not accumulate silicon pace not to have down to a thousand li, not collect brook is not had in order to become the sea, shenyang holiday travel agent comes by 2004, via Shenyang city tourism bureau approval was born, since establishing, shenyang holiday reacts quickly with “ , lead serves, rich characteristic ” is a tenet, hardheaded, arouse one's all efforts to make the country prosperous, be brave in to develop, be judged 3 years to be ” of travel agent of excellent service of “ Shenyang city by bureau of Shenyang city tourism continuously. We are brand of a person of same business with ” of “ Jin Yangguang, with western the course gives priority to dozen of product, become 3 years in Shenyang market continuously western travel course the first agency.

Rise ceaselessly as people living standard, consume an idea transform gradually, the development that is travel industry created new opportunity, gifted new challenge, face good luck and challenge, shenyang holiday travel agent develops product of rich distinctive travel hard, by right of substantial talent natural resources, good service credit is mixed outstanding brand image, satisfying social all circles ceaselessly all-around, mutiple level, personalized requirement while, shenyang holiday travel agent also achieved great progress, year after year of each management target gains revolutionary headway.

Shenyang holiday travel agent will with the most professional operation, the most reasonable price, the most excellent service, the most successful line is packed, expecting your presence!

Recieve central phone: 024-88579111 88579333 88565222

Qualitative inspect serves a phone: 024-88579011

Network address: Www.syjiaqi.com

Short message network address: ” of travel agent of hair “ Shenyang comes 50120 (mobile / UniCom)