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Shenyang achieves letter travel agent
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Company brief introduction

Shenyang achieves letter travel agent is approval of department of director of travel of classics Liaoning province, the standard travel agent of bail of quality of pay full specified amount. Since 2 OOO the year's harvest stands, ever organized special train of red ” of the setting sun of travel charter flight, “ successfully for many times: Recieve the whole nation all sorts of business affairs conferences, group, finished outstandingly organization of countrywide coal conference welcomed the job 2006, obtained “ Liaoning to visit town of Shenyang of ” of excellent service travel agent, “ the title of ” of excellent service travel agent, be approved to be “ Liaoning to save demonstrative unit of ” of sincere letter travel. It is under the effort of faculty cautious and conscientious, service quality and tourist satisfaction are spent travel in Shenyang all the time the be among the best of candidates in the bound.

Through the harden oneself that works actually for years, travel agent had team of complete plan air system, tourist guide, regard Shenyang as the exercitation base of each courtyard school, in order to develop the elite person with ability of an a lot of tourism groups, carried outstanding handler and tourist guide talented person for each unit. Because of major, precede so.

Our service tenet is “ thinks of fine point, valence arrives in the open, fall to real point, found the tourist's most trustful travel agent ” .

Shenyang achieves letter travel agent
General manager: Class phone of one hour value of Liu new 25637282 24: 82650071
The province is in-house: 25637252 82261303 country is in-house: 25637923 82357335
Address: The area promotes Shenyang city iron on the west edifice of Lu Er of Hua Na street 711, 712
Take car course: Iron of 240 237 239 207 216 103 501 134 283 135 on the west a gleam of
Tie Xian field gets off is namely

Intended person call the travel agent that start a letter please
Address: The area promotes Shenyang city iron on the west Hua Na street edifice of 5 Lu Er 711 rooms
Phone: 024-25637282 | Fax: 024-25849792 | OICQ: 467425407