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Shenyang international travel agent
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  Company of limited company of Shenyang international travel agent is professional the journey outside pursueing exhibition of international conference, international, official business and business affairs condition, go to abroad to study abroad, attend in a advanced studies, visit one's family, the orgnaization of emigrant organization, plan and promotion, for national office enterprise or business the unit goes to the United States, Europe, Australia, middle east, south Africa to wait for business trip of world each country to offer major to invite, arrangement speak or sing alternately looks around, special subject lecture, trade negotiates, professional interpreter, feed, old, travel, swim etc; For domestic company overseas investment reachs all sorts of business affairs activities to offer major to seek advice, assistance is dealt with invite, visa leave the country formalities.
Limited company of Shenyang international travel agent is organizing the discrepancy condition such as the journey outside the condition to serve a respect to have rich experience not only, more have the senior staff member that has the technical ability such as a variety of languages, knowledge and public relations, plan attune, in the client group in, with its outstanding reputation, high grade and efficient service, established long-term business connection with provincial and a lot of government orgnaization, business organization; In run we and a few world-renowned large meetings on link to exhibit the airline with company and travel company and much home famous international to maintaining close cooperative relationship.
The service of the high quality that limited company of Shenyang international travel agent offers was guest of home's numerous professional orgnaization, business affairs to create much extremely valuable international business chance, open up the bright highway that enters wide world, also got trade organization, government organization reachs his at the same time the wide recognition become reconciled of numerous client is judged.
The trials of a long journey always is affection. Leave the country the journey is the means that we exist, it is the ideal bridge that makes friend hand in hand more, we hope you can give us cooperative chance heartily, we will cherish each other this lucky chance with rare portion, let collaboration become bilateral and happy memory!