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Travel agent of Shenyang day horse
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Travel agent of Shenyang day horse is approved via bureau of Liaoning province tourism, it is the professional travel agent that with undertaking business of of all kinds travel gives priority to. The former travel that my company department belongs to by place of bureau of Shenyang city tourism serves a few controller of company to be sponsorred jointly. This agency staff quality is good, have be engaged in travel major is recieved and managing experience for years. This company vehicle is all ready, have all sorts of big, medium, small caravan oneself much stage (Jin Long, Yi Weike, one's deceased father this special, sea lion, car) .
Be as good as one's word of honesty of spirit of “ day horse”
Welcome broad tourist incoming telegram to seek advice! Also expect to cooperate with more travel a person of same business!

Travel agent of Shenyang day horse
Phone: 024-31320883
Fax: 024-24842139
Connection: Luo Yan is red 13504075427
Zhang Minghui 13840417808
Yang Mei 13700001675